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Long-Range Shooting Experience

Changing winds, rain, steep terrain, and distances of 500 to 800 meters are the challenges a hunter faces when out long-range shooting.

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2 min

Boar Hunting like Kings

Boars are very adaptable and find great hiding places in the uncleared wood areas of the Schoenbuch. The Dukes and Kings of Wuerttemberg once hunted here.

Driven Hunt
2 min

Hunting Knives

The passionate hunter Thomas Nohl turned his passion into a profession and at the same time brought a family tradition into the fourth generation.

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Moose Hunting with Baying Dogs

Working with a baying dog is different than hunting with other dogs. These days, the dogs are fitted with a GPS to help the hunters locate the barking.

3 min

Hunting with a Baying Dog

Hunter David Carsten Pedersen speaks about his impressions with the hunting guide Tommy and the baying dog Tiko in swedish Lapland.

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Alpine hunting in New Zealand

In New Zealand there still exist mythical landscapes and breath-taking flora and fauna. It provides a great backdrop for alpine hunting.

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Hunting the perfect moment

American Jeff Simpson combines his job and passion as a photographer and hunter with his eye for unique moments in the wilderness. Read about his story.

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Lost and Found after 10 Years

Anyone who goes hunting in the mountains must always expect weather changes, which cancel the expedition unexpectedly. Sometimes, equipment is left behind.

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Long-Range Shooting

Long range shooting is regarded as one of the most challenging forms of hunting. You have to consider different aspects like gravity, wind and velocity.

Long Range
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A Hunting Adventure in Canada

A hunt like this, in the backcountry of Canada, requires in-depth preparation and planning. With the perfect equipment its an unforgettable hunting trip.

4 min