Medium Range – Alpine Hunting

How to choose the right riflescope for long-range hunting?

Especially in long-range hunting the right choice of riflescope is very important. Weight should be a factor to take into consideration when deciding on a new piece of equipment for this type of hunt. But more importantly is the optical characteristics of the scope.

3 min

In Search of Mouflon

If you call yourself a good hunter, you must carry out selective hunting in order to manage your land properly. Sick and deformed animals must be culled.

2 min

Shooting Uphill or Downhill

If you shoot straight up or down, gravity has a braking or accelerating effect on the bullet. The “uphill and downhill – aim lower” rule is true.

2 min

A Hunting Trip for Capercaillie

A hunting trip for capercaillie to the far north of Scandinavia turns into a journey of self-discovery for ZEISS hunting ambassador David Carsten Pedersen.

8 min

Hunting in Alpine Altitudes

Alpine hunting is not the same as hunting in the woods. It has certain pitfalls that can be easily avoided if you know what you are doing. Here a few tips.

3 min

Moose Hunting with Baying Dogs

Working with a baying dog is different than hunting with other dogs. These days, the dogs are fitted with a GPS to help the hunters locate the barking.

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Alpine hunting in New Zealand

In New Zealand there still exist mythical landscapes and breath-taking flora and fauna. It provides a great backdrop for alpine hunting.

2 min

Lost and Found after 10 Years

Anyone who goes hunting in the mountains must always expect weather changes, which cancel the expedition unexpectedly. Sometimes, equipment is left behind.

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Hunting in the Highlands

Hunting in the Highlands is a matter for the heart. Not only because of its nature and different terrain, but also because of the Scottish hospitality.

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