Tips for deer hunting during rutting season

Hunting during the rutting season often evokes two things in most hunters: questions and curiosity. If you’ve read up on the subject in relevant books, you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that there are many different opinions.

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Large eyebox for comfortable observation

The “eyebox” is the area around the line of sight in which you can see the entire picture in full. With ZEISS rifle scopes, it is particularly large.

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Up Close with Deer Stalker Jim Riley

Hunting has always been in Jim Riley’s blood. But, it wasn’t until he started deer stalking that he realised where his true passion lied.

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Moose Hunting with Baying Dogs

Working with a baying dog is different than hunting with other dogs. These days, the dogs are fitted with a GPS to help the hunters locate the barking.

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Hunting with a Baying Dog

Hunter David Carsten Pedersen speaks about his impressions with the hunting guide Tommy and the baying dog Tiko in swedish Lapland.

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A Hunting Adventure in Canada

A hunt like this, in the backcountry of Canada, requires in-depth preparation and planning. With the perfect equipment its an unforgettable hunting trip.

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