Game Recipes

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Muskoxen are huge animals (up to 410kg or 900lbs) with curved horns and thick coats. They have walked the tundra for close to a million years.

The Greenlandic name for muskox is “Umimmak,” meaning “the long-bearded one.”


Download the recipe below

We all know the predicament. Venison is a healthy protein because it is very lean and therefore can dry out when cooking. A great solution is to cover the meat in salt dough. The dough will protect the leg from drying out while cooking.

The result is a perfectly cooked, juicy and delicious piece of meat. It’s probably different from how you’re use to cooking, but it’s easy and doesn’t take that much time either.


Why it’s better than any other meat

Game Recipes


Wildlife Protection & Preservation

Winter is the time of wild game. For people from all over the world game meat will be on the table this holiday season. Not only is the meat of wild animals particularly tasty, it also features a lot of healthy benefits. But there are still people out there who do not know why game is better than any other meat from domestic livestock.

Here are some reasons with which you can convince others of the benefits of game meat. All meat-eaters can benefit from mixing up their diet with tasty game.

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