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  1. I Me and my wife both just purchased photo fusion x prescription glasses, live in Texas and they barely even darken. What is the issue? Place where we not them said allow curing time

    • Sara Cecchini

      Hi, all photochromic lenses darken less in hot temperatures. ZEISS produces grey PhotoFusion lenses in three darkness levels so you can decide based on where you live, which option is the best. Generally the ZEISS PhotoFusion X Pro Grey color is best in mild climates and if you want the fastest speed to clear. The Grey and Extra Grey colors are better in warmer climates. We recommend you speak with your eye care provider to discuss the options available and look at them in their office to choose the best solution for your needs.

  2. Judy Schreiber

    My husband has new Zeiss Choice lens progressives from TSO. His script is accurate from his ophthmologist. His vision is clear at top and blurred when he looks down. He received no direction into which lens to choose. Did he choose the wrong one? He is retired and watches tv alot and plays card on a tablet. His costco glasses smoothly transition in all sight ranges. Help.

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