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Technology evolves and lifestyles change.  Therefore, so should the way we treat patients and their eye care needs.

The digital age will redefine optometry practice. Patients today are already more demanding than ever. Customization and convenience will become key elements of differentiation for your practice. Even experienced eye-care professionals are facing new challenges.

In a recent worldwide survey, 40% of eyeglass wearers said they are looking for much more than just price and promotions.

So what are they looking for?

  1. 90% want to restore their natural vision and eye health
  2. 85% want a reduced fear of deterioration of eyesight
  3. 80% desire individualized consultation and treatment
  4. 75% want eye protection

In many cases, standard lens solutions provide “good enough” vision for patients.  However, when these standard lenses are adapted to specific position of wear parameters, the level of vision reached can be exceptional.

As eye care professionals know too well…
A lens that is not fitted perfectly to the anatomy of the patient and frame can be responsible for losing up to 40% of the lens performance…leaving the patient with less than desirable vision and causing complaints such as tired eyes and headaches.

94% of Eye Care Professionals consider centration to be a crucial part of their dispensing practice, but in up to 82% of cases, the position of wear parameters (POW) are done with PD rulers and pupilometers….

If your practice has highly informed and demanding patients, this older POW measurements may be letting them down.

In 3 extensive market research waves, the ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 was considered impressive and innovative with a higher value than other solutions.

Make sure you stay ahead of the competition.

Benefits of the ZEISS VISUFIT 1000

  •  Easy and accurate centration without need for a calibration clip.
  •  Ensures a more natural body posture, essential for an accurate measurement.
  •  Controls eye convergence, using a laser speckle.
  •  Uses the pupil center methodology for centration, up to 0.5mm more accurate for PD measurement than devices using corneal reflex.
  • Allows measuring BVD, even with thick temple frames.
  • Measures both right and left eyes main POW, for a more individualized calculation of the performance of the lens.

ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 performs better than other devices, especially for Total PD, Back Vertex Distance (BVD) and Pantoscopic Angle. Additionally, the wrap-angle is measured as-worn, for a new level of accuracy to this parameter.


An Avatar of the patient is generated to ease several functions, including measuring BVD with thick temples.


The thick temples are not anymore an obstacle to detect the cornea position to measure the BVD.






Easy control with an iPad using VISUCONSULT 500

Better vision unlocking the full potential of 3D vision.


The individualization of the POW optimizes the vision zones due to the introduction of the individual values of the patient in the calculation of the design of the lens, while enlarging the selection of the frame = better aesthetic for the patient.



This is the time to explore new opportunities. ZEISS has been a partner to eye-care professionals for many years. We understand the challenges you face and we have the solutions.


Interested in becoming a ZEISS account or would you like to be contacted by a ZEISS representative? Click here



Visit the ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 Product Page


ZEISS SmartLife Lenses: The Smart Choice

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NEW ZEISS SmartLife Lens Portfolio

All-day comfort for today’s busy eyes.

Today’s mobile technology and on-the-move lifestyles are stressing our eyes. Frequent gaze changes to and from smart devices can lead to eyestrain. ZEISS SmartLife Lenses are specially designed to support quick and easy peripheral vision for all-day comfort

The first complete lens portfolio for a connected and on-the-move lifestyle.

Ever since the introduction of the smartphone, we have increasingly lived and become accustomed to 24/7 mobile internet access. This constant digital connectivity has a profound impact on our  eyes and posture.

Research shows that people are no longer stationary while  using their digital devices. In a recent study, more than half of respondents  reported looking at their smartphones  even while climbing stairs.

Eye care professionals need a complete premium lens portfolio to address this new connected, on-the-go lifestyle for all patients, whether  they need single vision, digital or progressive lenses..

The first-of-its-kind ZEISS SmartLife Lens Portfolio offers all-day lens designs to address the visual needs of modern life. Broad enough to cover all age-related needs, it is specially designed for today’s connected and fast-paced lifestyles.

Today's mobile technology is stressing our eyes.

SmartLife lenses are based on four design principles that, in combination, meet the individual requirements of a dynamic, connected lifestyle for adults of all ages.


The foundation of the new ZEISS SmartLife Lens Portfolio - ZEISS SmartView Technology – is founded on research of today’s modern visual behavior.  In addition to Clear Optics and Thin Optics, ZEISS SmartView Technology incorporates new Smart Dynamic Optics and Age Intelligence technologies. Smart Dynamic Optics is based on a sophisticated object space model that accounts for today’s visual behaviors while a new design fingerprint provides a smoother distribution of powers to improves visual comfort during eye movements  throughout all areas of the lens.

The fastest growing segment of smartphone users is among people older than age 55. Age Intelligence technology optimizes the lens based on the eyes’ accommodation ability.  As we age, the crystalline lens loses its elasticity, causing a decrease in the amplitude of accommodation. Further optimization accounts for the wearer’s pupil size and the gradual decrease in the ability of the pupil to dilate.  Clear Optics provides precision in every step of the lens design and fabrication, while Thin Optics improves aesthetics by achieving the best in thin and light lenses.

Want to know more about ZEISS SmartView Technology?

Download the whitepaper here

Custom-designed to meet your vision needs.

ZEISS SmartLife: the smart choice.

The go-to lens portfolio for today‘s evolving vision needs.

ZEISS’s deep understanding of modern visual behaviors and habits has guided the design philosophy behind the ZEISS SmartLife Portfolio.

This completely new portfolio is divided into THREE categories:
ZEISS SmartLife Single VisionZEISS SmartLife Digital and ZEISS SmartLife Progressive Lenses, all with further optimization and individualization based on age-related visual needs.

  • This complete portfolio serves a wide range of patients (20 years and up), addressing their visual needs now and in years to come.
  • A comprehensive consumer acceptance test was conducted by the Aston University’s School of Optometry in the UK, has shown high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • ALL clear ZEISS SmartLife Lenses include sunglass-level UV protection with ZEISS UVProtect Technology.


What do SmartLife Lens Wearers Report?

In an external acceptance study, SmartLife Lenses gave 84% of single vision, digital, and progressive lens wearers all-day visual comfort. In this same study, 94% of SmartLife Single Vision wearers perceived wide fields of comfortable vision for intermediate and near vision tasks. 73% of SmartLife Digital Lens wearers reported feeling no eyestrain at the end of the day and the majority reported feeling less eye strain compared to their habitual lenses.

Additionally, 4 out of 5 SmartLife wearers experienced smoother vision from near to far across all viewing zones.


In today’s connected, on-the-move lifestyle, our visual behavior is dynamic with frequent gaze changes between various directions and distances. SmartLife lenses help wearers transition from a single vision lens into a digital lens with a low add power boost and finally to a digitally optimized progressive lens design.

To learn more, visit  www.zeiss.com/pro/smartlife


Have a question or would you like to be contacted by a ZEISS representative?


                                     Contact Me


Make invisible UV light visible for your patients

Customer Partnership

ZEISS C-UVProtect Demo Tool

You know UV protection is as important for the eyes as it is for the skin, but how can you convey that to your patients?


With the new ZEISS C-UVProtect, you can demonstrate the level of UV protection in lenses to your patients.

How it works


It’s simple. The ZEISS C-UVProtect tablet uses a low level of UV light within a special camera to illustrate lens protection from UV.

When looking at the tablet, lenses that appear visibly dark and not transparent fully block UV.

The clearer the lenses appear, the less they protect against UV. Lenses that are transparent do not protect against UV.


The ZEISS C-UVProtect is a great tool to let your patients experience and understand the importance of full UV protection in their eyeglasses.

Did you know? 84% of consumers would stop using their current eye doctor if they were not provided with lenses that offer full UV protection up to 400 nm.

How to order one for your practice


Launched in the U.S. and available for order nationwide. You can simply ask your ZEISS representative or call 1-866-596-5467.


*A ZEISS account is required for purchase.

To learn more go to www.zeiss.com/cuvprotect

What’s So Special About Garrett Leight?

Customer Partnership

A Behind the Scenes Look at Garrett Leight California Optical.



Have you heard of Garrett Leight eyeglass frames?


If you live in Southern California or follow fashion trailblazers such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Kendall Jenner, or Jennifer Lawrence, chances are you probably have. Join us as we take an inside glimpse into what makes Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO) effortlessly stylish.


What is Garrett Leight California Optical?


Or better yet, who is Garrett Leight?


Founder and Visionary, Garrett Leight, is part of an optical family that has a longstanding passion for eyewear.  The independent eyewear brand was founded in Venice Beach, CA and brings a fresh perspective to classic styles with iconic designs made from premium materials and with the highest quality craftsmanship. The first retail location was opened in 2009 offering a unique aesthetic, a fashion boutique vibe and personable on-site opticianry services that propelled the brand on an upward trajectory. The GLCO line of frames quickly grew in popularity with the young-creative set of West-LA, Hollywood and beyond.


What is GLCO known for?



With a strong Southern California identity, GLCO frames embody a timeless design and style.  From their Venice Beach location on Abbot Kinney to their New York location in the heart of Soho, you’ll find everyone from A-list celebrities, musicians, and local artists looking to find a frame that suits their own original style.


Garrett Leight designs their frames to last and sources high quality materials from around the world.  They use top-of-the-line ZEISS lenses, cutting-edge lab technology, and various innovative frame materials to further differentiate their brand.

 “…our frames can only be done justice if we’re adding the best lenses…”- Jason Casillas, Director of Retail.

  Garrett gave his opticians the freedom to choose the lens supplier they felt best fit the GLCO brand and identity.  And so they ultimately settled on ZEISS lenses because of their unsurpassed quality and reputation for excellence. Furthermore, the ZEISS name gives their patients a higher degree of assurance and credibility in knowing their new eyewear come with the very best quality in everything…including the all-important lenses.

 “..the ZEISS brand name is like Coca-Cola for people who’ve worn lenses their entire lives.”



To support their high-quality service and products, in-house labs were built within the GLCO flagship locations. The onsite labs make it possible for customers to have their stylish frames fitted with a pair of premium lenses within as little as an hour. Wide windows into the store’s lab area create an open-air feel that allows the customers to observe the craftsmanship as their ZEISS lenses are cut, edged, and even custom dyed before being skillfully placed into their new frames.



 “…you’re talking about people’s sight and vision and their entire style and look…” – Garrett Leight


 View the full video on YouTube here: 



ZEISS Launches a New Series of Flash Mirror Colors

Vision Products and Equipment


Ever wonder what the difference is between flash mirrors and regular mirrors?

Flash mirrors are essentially lighter mirrors than standard mirrors.  They have a slightly lower reflectance and less influence on the base color tint of the lens.  This means if you have a lens tinted grey, the color you see through the lens stay neutral with a flash mirror, rather than picking up some of the other colors you might see reflected from the mirror.

Another benefit of the lower reflectance in a flash mirror is they are usable indoors on a clear or photochromic lens.

ZEISS launched 3 new Flash Mirrors this April.

ZEISS DuraVision Flash Jade, Amber, and Sapphire are being added to our existing DuraVision White (Flash Silver).   Each of these flash mirrors has a slight reflectance as indicated by each of the colors’ named:

Flash Mirror Amber (gold)
Flash Mirror Sapphire (blue-violet)
Flash Mirror Jade (green)
Flash Mirror White (silver)


The existing 7 standard mirror colors are:

Mirror Blue
Mirror Strong Blue
Mirror Bronze
Mirror Gold
Mirror Green
Mirror Red
Mirror Silver


Bonus! Also included with these mirrors (and all DuraVision mirrors) is DuraVision Sun backside AR.  These new flash mirrors are a great addition to any tinted, polarized, PhotoFusion, or Transitions lens.

To find an eye doctor near you with ZEISS Mirror lenses visit: www.zeiss.com/findaneyedr

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Why Dr. Chatwani Offers the ZEISS Experience to Her Patients

Customer Partnership

In January 2019, Dr. Chatwani opened her brand new location for Tri-City Optometry in Fremont, CA after working in her original location for over 13 years.  Her new practice reflects her modern vision of serving patients in Silicon Valley with an innovative, technology-driven practice and an exclusive partnership with ZEISS.

“I wanted to offer the latest technology, and chose a partner that also wanted the best for me as an independent practice, so I chose ZEISS.  ZEISS has over 170 years of expertise in precision optics. My patients are getting the best lenses and technology available and with ZEISS equipment, and I know they’ll get a full ‘ZEISS Experience’ from the start of their exam through to the selection of their lenses and eyeglasses.”


Built with the end-to-end patient experience in mind, the new office offers an inviting and distinctive space. Most notably, there is no reception desk. Instead, you find a welcoming “Community Table” where patients are greeted by a Tri-City Optometry team member, complete with iPad-based check-in.

“We wanted to design the office with best possible experience for a patient. Every patient is greeted eye-to-eye and with a smile when they enter the practice. By design, we don’t have a formal reception desk. As a result, phone calls are never answered in the optical and paperwork is completely out of sight. The staff is trained to keep 100% of their focus on every patient that walks through the door.”


The well thought out patient experience continues down to the staff uniforms of matching scrubs, music in the optical, scent branding, and name tags with a modern design which adds a level of trust and professionalism. The attention to design detail continues with consideration of the flow of the patient journey through the office.

The sensory experience continues with bright white frame boards and specialized retail lighting,  with a carefully chosen frame selection that offers an inviting shopping experience, allowing patients to want to stay and browse at ease. In addition to the inviting optical space there is a high-tech ZEISS equipped pre-test room, a room for vision therapy and an esthetician room for personalized patient services such as threading and brow waxing. Dr. Chatwani shares,

“We thought patients would appreciate the extra services related to the eyes and it again adds another convenience for them to get it done all in one place.”


Tri-City Optometry has grown organically over the years, which has relied heavily on word of mouth and recommendations from happy patients to family and friends.

“I’ve always had a passion for this industry and truly want to help every patient see better so they can live their best lives. I think people remain loyal when they know they are getting specialized care and that the doctors and staff really do care about the people they are serving.”


Tri-City Optometry also uses social media with a more organic approach to help them market the practice and their services.

“Being active on social media has allowed us increased communication to current patients while reaching new ones. This lends itself to building lasting relationships and an ongoing community around our practice.”


In addition to working in the office, Dr. Chatwani has served as an eye doctor to the Oakland Athletics and enjoys seeing the players at the office, attending Spring Training, as well having a further reach with the local community.

For more information about Tri-City Optometry, visit www.tricityeyes.com, and to learn more about ZEISS go to www.zeiss.com/lenses.

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5 Inexpensive Ways To Create a Trendy Practice

Customer Partnership

Jessica Vanek, OD


As we are faced with the increase of online sales and the presence of hip, commercial brick and mortars, we find ourselves pondering on how to find a way to compete in the market, without slashing prices and compromising the quality of our product.  Focusing on the aesthetic of your office is a great way to do that.  I have listed several ways to update your office without breaking the bank.

1.Get rid of your frame boards.

Frame boards are unwelcoming to most consumers.  Free-floating shelves and large, attractive bookcases are a great, unconventional way to display frames.

Add pops of color with chairs and get rid of frame boards.


2.Don’t be afraid of color.

You do not have to paint the whole office in order to bring in color.  Instead just add pops of color by using accent items throughout your office.  Paintings, chairs, flowers, and rugs are great ways to incorporate color and make the office look and feel more inviting.

3.Clear Up the Clutter.

Do you have 3 year old posters leaning against the wall advertising products that you don’t carry anymore? Reach out to your vendors for fresh items and toss out the old. Consider removing them in full or cutting them back by 50%. You will instantly see your space open up and have an instant updated look.



4.Use Your Window Space.

If you have a large window in front of foot or vehicle traffic, you have a great way to communicate with patients. Whether it’s through the use of a fresh window print highlighting your product or by creating a seasonal storefront window theme, consider how you can bring your window to life.

5.Get creative!

Do not be afraid to try something new. For example, writing desks make great dispensing tables. Browse your favorite stores for unique mirrors and chairs for both your optical and waiting room. If you are limited with time, utilize Pinterest for ideas and then order online. Today’s patient would rather feel like they are at a spa or high-end retail store vs. a traditional doctor’s office.

Get inspiration from where you like to shop or spend time.  Coffee shops and trendy shoe stores are great places to pull inspiration from.  It is all about creating a space that people want to spend time in.



The Gift of Eyesight-The Power to Make a Difference

Customer Partnership

Dr. Moes Nasser In front of Tanzanian clinic.

Dr. Moes Nasser, OD, was born in Tanzania, a country with few eye doctors.  Sadly, professional eye care is beyond the reach of most Tanzanians, particularly those in rural areas. Suffering from poor eyesight himself as a child, Dr. Nasser’s eyesight went uncorrected until an organization came to his village and fitted him with his first pair of eyeglasses.

This gift of sight impacted him in such a monumental way, that he decided to pursue an education in optometry, graduating with his O.D  in 1982 from the University of Houston.

Practicing in Houston, Texas for 37 years, with 3 practices in the area, he participates in both state and national optometric associations, and serves as Vision Source administrator for the South Houston area. He also served as a National Board Member for Optometry Giving Sight.

Optometry Giving Sight

Having never forgotten about the great need in his homeland of Tanzania, he has lead mission trips back to remote areas in Tanzania for the last ten eleven years, with the support of eye care professionals and corporate partners. Standard eye exams and eyeglasses are given to help prevent blindness and vision impairment.

Some of the children that Dr. Nasser has helped.
Dr. Nasser providing an eye exam.

In 2010, his leadership and vision took his Tanzania project to new heights, and funds were raised by doctors, patients and staff, culminating in the construction formation of the Bariadi Clinic, just miles from where Dr. Nasser was born. This mobile clinic, to be renamed Lake Zone “Roshanali Nasser” Outreach Clinic in September 2018, helps thousands of people receive much-needed eye care.

Roshanali Nasser” Outreach Clinic

ZEISS, a foundation owned company, has always had a passion for helping others and community outreach. We are proud partners of Optometry Giving Sight.

We love finding inspiring stories that align with our core values and Dr.Nasser’s touching and personal experience of helping others with the gift of clear vision is one we couldn’t help but share.

We’d like to thank Dr. Nasser for sharing his inspiring story with us. If you would like to donate to Optometry Giving Sight fundraising page, click here to donate,  Optometry Giving Sight fundraising page.

A True Story of Differentiation with Cutting-edge Technology and ZEISS Solutions.

Customer Partnership

"Today's consumers and patients are drawn to new and engaging experiences," says Dr. Iravani.  "Why not make the visit to the optometrist unique and refreshing?"

In August 2017, eyeXam Optometry opened its doors to patients in Santa Clara, California, offering what can only be described as a personalized, technology-driven experience infused with premium ZEISS vision solutions.

Dr. Iravani's latest brain-child evolved from her interactive, consumer-facing eyeXam app.  Her goal was to create an engaging experience for consumers to quickly get the guidance and products they need for optimum eye health.  As a pioneer in mobile vision screening, eyeXam created a patented method for accurate, self-guided vision screening, which as now been used by consumers all over the world.  eyeXam is also a leading app in connecting people with some of the most trusted eye care providers.  The app currently lists over 30,000 eye care providers.

"The eyeXam app has now given way to the eyeXam optometry in-office experience", explained Dr. Iravani.  "After many requests to open a 'brick and mortar' location, the first site was born.  What better place to start than at the heart of technology, Silicon Valley. Our world is fueled by digital technology, and in this context, our eyes need to be treated with specialized care, the most advanced technology, and the latest products to address everyone's unique needs."


The mission of eyeXam Optometry is to create a new patient experience that caters to the demands of the digital world--one that is founded on the belief that vision is power, and requires care and attention. Combined with Dr. Iravani's decades of experience, the latest technology, personalized care, and a unique blend of eye frames, fashion, and fun--the eyeXam experience has come to fruition. Patients can even visit the EyeBar for make-up, brow, lash, and skincare services to accentuate the beauty of their eyes and their new ZEISS-powered frames.

eyeXam Optometry maintains the sleek, user-friendly aspects of the eyeXam app, merged with boutique-like, face-to-face support and an end-to-end continuum of ZEISS premium diagnostics, lenses, and coatings.

"This partnership between ZEISS and eyeXam Optometry is a great example of how innovation and entrepreneurship can come together to create a better, more holistic patient experience"," said Jens Boy, President, Carl Zeiss Vision, North America. "When implemented correctly, technology and innovation can lead to lasting change, a more comprehensive continuum of care, and more positive patient outcomes--fundamental aspects of our principles at ZEISS."

For more information of eyeXam Optometry, visit www.eyeexam.com, and to learn more about ZEISS go to www.zeiss.com/lenses.

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Why Paula Whitt chooses ZEISS DriveSafe for her patients

Customer Partnership

Paula Whitt, optician

Most patients are looking for eyeglasses that will serve them day and night, in every condition, including rain. Finding that perfect lens is the difficult part. Luckily, ZEISS has a portfolio of lenses suited to almost every visual challenge.

Paula Whitt, optician at Oregon Eye Specialists, has tried a LOT of lenses and ZEISS DriveSafe is her go to for a variety of reasons.

Listen to Paula discuss the features and benefits of ZEISS DriveSafe and why it’s her first choice for her patients HERE.