ZEISS Launches a New Series of Flash Mirror Colors


Ever wonder what the difference is between flash mirrors and regular mirrors?

Flash mirrors are essentially lighter mirrors than standard mirrors.  They have a slightly lower reflectance and less influence on the base color tint of the lens.  This means if you have a lens tinted grey, the color you see through the lens stay neutral with a flash mirror, rather than picking up some of the other colors you might see reflected from the mirror.

Another benefit of the lower reflectance in a flash mirror is they are usable indoors on a clear or photochromic lens.

ZEISS launched 3 new Flash Mirrors this April.

ZEISS DuraVision Flash Jade, Amber, and Sapphire are being added to our existing DuraVision White (Flash Silver).   Each of these flash mirrors has a slight reflectance as indicated by each of the colors’ named:

Flash Mirror Amber (gold)
Flash Mirror Sapphire (blue-violet)
Flash Mirror Jade (green)
Flash Mirror White (silver)


The existing 7 standard mirror colors are:

Mirror Blue
Mirror Strong Blue
Mirror Bronze
Mirror Gold
Mirror Green
Mirror Red
Mirror Silver


Bonus! Also included with these mirrors (and all DuraVision mirrors) is DuraVision Sun backside AR.  These new flash mirrors are a great addition to any tinted, polarized, PhotoFusion, or Transitions lens.

To find an eye doctor near you with ZEISS Mirror lenses visit: www.zeiss.com/findaneyedr

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    • Sara Cecchini

      Hi Dwight, The Gold ET coating had a yellow/gold reflection (as compared to our Blue reflex color on DVPlatinum and Silver, or green for DuraVision Chrome). Our apologies, but we don’t offer anything similar at this time, unfortunately.

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