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ZEISS Vision Experience Centers: A Comprehensive Guide for Eye Care Professionals

If you’re an eye care professional, then you know that ZEISS is the leading authority in optics. ZEISS Vision Experience practices offer a unique opportunity for eye care professionals to create a one-of-a-kind business concept with a unified look and feel; a concept tailor-made for eye care professionals. These centers are comprehensive, state-of-the-art facilities that

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Highlights from Vision Expo East 2022: ZEISS Vision Care USA Recap

The Vision Expo East event took place last week in New York City. This major industry event drew in customers and professionals from all over the world. ZEISS was proud to be a part of the event, showcasing our latest products and technologies. Here is a recap of the event highlights: ZEISS Vision Care USA

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How to Attract Patients in a Saturated Marketplace: Easy Solutions for Busy Eye Doctors

The eye care industry is booming, and as a result, it has become increasingly competitive to attract patients. It can be difficult for busy eye doctors to stand out in a saturated marketplace and attract more patients. In this blog post, we will discuss easy solutions that you can implement to make your business stand

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How to Use Mobile Technology for Success in your Eye Care Practice

Mobile technology is not just a trend. It’s transforming the way we work, live, and play. And this revolution has come to eye care practices as well. Eye doctors are now using mobile technology in their practice to save time, increase efficiency, reduce costs and provide better service for patients. In this blog post, you

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ZEISS Photofusion is now in TRIVEX®

Are you an eye care professional who wants to offer more options for your patients? ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses are now available in Trivex. They darken quickly outdoors and are fast to clear indoors. ZEISS PhotoFusion ZEISS PhotoFusion is a self-tinting lens that darkens quickly outdoors and clears fast indoors resulting in all-day protection from the

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ZEISS Customer Dashboard

ZEISS Customer Dashboard   Visualize your ZEISS business in one place Now with just one click, you can see a comprehensive snapshot of performance with your ZEISS business.  Gain valuable insight and drive quick and accurate decision-making with the NEW ZEISS Customer Dashboard. Enhanced visibility. All in one place. To ensure your business is better

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Pre-Visit App for Eye Care Professionals

ZEISS Pre Visit Prep App Improve capture rate and speed up the dispensing process. What is the Pre Visit Prep App? A short 2-minute quiz that can help recommend eyeglass lens solutions to fit your patients’ lifestyles.  These recommendations can then be discussed with the eye care professional during the next visit.  These recommendations includes

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Practice Resilience–20 ZEISS Solutions for 2020

Practice Resilience Powered by ZEISS Let’s rebuild together. ZEISS has nearly 175 years of experience helping customers navigate unprecedented times.  Discover how we can help you too. Many eye care professionals nationwide saw a dramatic drop in patient volume when COVID-19 hit. For many, patient volume did start to increase in May, but practices now need

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  Tired of cleaning eyeglasses by hand? Safely disinfect eyeglasses in just 40 seconds with the ZEISS UVClean.   Introducing the first UV disinfection technology developed with and for eye care professionals. The ZEISS UVClean can safely and easily disinfect 6 or more frames in under 40 seconds. Why use UV to disinfect?   With the coronavirus

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Sunscreen for your eyes? We asked people on the streets of San Francisco.

Most people know about the importance of protecting their skin from potentially harmful UV rays, but what about their eyes?  Aren’t they just as or even more likely to be damaged from the sun?  To find out what people really think about UV protection for their eyes, we asked people on the streets of sunny

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ZEISS SmartLife Lenses: The Smart Choice

NEW ZEISS SmartLife Lens Portfolio All-day comfort for today’s busy eyes. Today’s mobile technology and on-the-move lifestyles are stressing our eyes. Frequent gaze changes to and from smart devices can lead to eyestrain. ZEISS SmartLife Lenses are specially designed to support quick and easy peripheral vision for all-day comfort The first complete lens portfolio for a connected

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Make invisible UV light visible for your patients

ZEISS C-UVProtect Demo Tool You know UV protection is as important for the eyes as it is for the skin, but how can you convey that to your patients? With the new ZEISS C-UVProtect, you can demonstrate the level of UV protection in lenses to your patients. How it works It’s simple. The ZEISS C-UVProtect

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What’s So Special About Garrett Leight?

A Behind the Scenes Look at Garrett Leight California Optical. Have you heard of Garrett Leight eyeglass frames? If you live in Southern California or follow fashion trailblazers such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Kendall Jenner, or Jennifer Lawrence, chances are you probably have. Join us as we take an inside glimpse into what makes Garrett Leight

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Why Dr. Chatwani Offers the ZEISS Experience to Her Patients

In January 2019, Dr. Chatwani opened her brand new location for Tri-City Optometry in Fremont, CA after working in her original location for over 13 years.  Her new practice reflects her modern vision of serving patients in Silicon Valley with an innovative, technology-driven practice and an exclusive partnership with ZEISS. “I wanted to offer the

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5 Inexpensive Ways To Create a Trendy Practice

As we are faced with the increase of online sales and the presence of hip, commercial brick and mortars, we find ourselves pondering on how to find a way to compete in the market, without slashing prices and compromising the quality of our product.  Focusing on the aesthetic of your office is a great way

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