Automated website layout testing with Galen

Galen is a framework for automated website layout testing. With Galen the user can formulate his test specifications using his own program code.

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4 min

Let’s Talk About Security – SQL Injection

Many developers are still scratching their heads, wondering how such a simple method of attack could make it to the top of the list of security vulnerabilities.

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5 min

Let’s Talk About Security – Validate All Input

The objective of validation is to verify that the data entering the system do not cause any damage or cause information to be leaked.

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7 min

Let’s Talk About Security – Digital Identity

Security is more important today than ever before. Virtually everything is digitized and either located in its own network or connected to the internet.

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6 min

Launch a Kubernetes cluster on AWS with kube-up and let it autoscale

How to launch a kubernetes cluster on AWS using kube-up, and enable cluster and horizonal pod autoscaling, and deploy a service that triggers autoscaling.

10 min

Building Cross Platform Desktop Apps with Angular and Electron

In this blog post we introduce the process of building a hybrid Desktop App with Angular using the Angular-CLI and Electron.

13 min

Truly Perfect Full-Size Background Images on the Web

This blog post shows a simple and clean solution, how one can create truly perfect full-size background images on the web.

11 min

How to build your Angular project on Travis CI

Recently, I created an Angular App using Yarn instead of NPM. An information box popped up on GitHub suggesting to connect to a GitHub Integrations tool.

3 min

Using a HAL hypermedia API in an Angular App

Modern APIs are often realized in a RESTful way. Hypermedia Formats are trying to overcome this issue by providing a discoverable API. Hypermedia Application Language is one format and abbreviates as HAL.

2 min

Building a file explorer with Angular 2 and Electron

In this article we go over the process of building a simple file explorer using Angular 2 and Electron.

5 min