How to build your Angular project on Travis CI

Recently, I created an Angular App using Yarn instead of NPM. An information box popped up on GitHub suggesting to connect to a GitHub Integrations tool.

3 min

Using a HAL hypermedia API in an Angular App

Modern APIs are often realized in a RESTful way. Hypermedia Formats are trying to overcome this issue by providing a discoverable API. Hypermedia Application Language is one format and abbreviates as HAL.

2 min

Building a file explorer with Angular 2 and Electron

In this article we go over the process of building a simple file explorer using Angular 2 and Electron.

5 min

Building Cross Platform Desktop Apps with Angular 2 and Electron

In this article we introduce the process of building a hybrid Desktop App with Angular 2 using the Angular-CLI and Electron.

13 min

Risks of Modified Cookies

Now, at the end of the year, cookies are increasingly circulating again. Being properly prepared can help you manage this risk.

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