Driven Hunts

The best equipment for the moment that matters.

For successful driven hunts the right choice of equipment plays an essential role. Therefore, the question often arises as to which optics are the best ones in order to be equipped for any situation. A riflescope that is as diverse as possible with a large field of view and a large magnification range is the preferred choice. Light and compact daytime binoculars are also an advantage for accessible areas, in order to reliably and quickly spot on the move.

Versatile driven hunt riflescope

Due to its maximum zoom range, the Victory V8 1.1-8×30 is the most versatile driven hunt riflescope in the entire ZEISS range. The 1.1x magnification allows you to keep both eyes open when shooting. Therefore, you always have an optimal and larger overview of the field of fire at short hunting distances. The objective field of view is exceptional as well, providing 39.6 meters. On top of that, this specially designed driven hunt scope enables fast and reliable identification with up to 8x magnification. The ultra-fine illuminated center dot, with its extremely low target coverage (3.3 mm at 100 m), allows for an absolute precise point of aim – regardless of lighting conditions.

Large eyebox provides advantage

In addition to this, the V8 1.1-8×30 features an extremely large “eyebox”, providing a considerable advantage when the need to shoot quickly ultimately arises. The “eyebox” is the area along and around the line of sight in which you can see the entire sight picture. A large eyebox saves the constant head movement to find the right position. It gives you more leeway to position your eye. This helps of course especially during driven hunts, for a quick, safe shooting position when turning the body, e.g. with game approaching from behind; and also in narrow raised hide when you cannot always achieve the perfect shooting position due to limited space.

Conquest V6 and V4 scopes provide great performance at an attractive price

If you have a little less financial leeway, but at the same time do not want to compromise on product quality, the Conquest V6 1.1-6×24 or the Conquest V4 1-4×24 are two less expensive alternatives. The powerful rifle scopes of the Conquest V6 and V4 product line combine proven ZEISS quality with the latest technology, robust design, and excellent features. Both scopes offer large fields of view (V6 38.1 and V4 38 m at 100 m) – for the greatest possible overview and fast target acquisition. The V4 1-4×24 shows its strengths to the fullest on short hunting distances and dynamic huting situations. The up to 6.5 times magnification of the V6 1.1-6×24 further guarantees the necessary magnification flexibility on the driven hunt. In addition, it scores with 92% light transmission. The V6 scope also utilizes a fine illuminated center dot (3.3 mm at 100 m) reticle with an automatic switch-off and angle position sensor sensor that provides you with an excellent aiming solution.

Combine with ideal accessories

The ZEISS magnification throw lever and the ZEISS flip-up lens cover are useful accessories that can help maximize your hunting success. The throw lever ensures a quick change of magnification – for example, when the game unexpectedly crosses a path. It is especially helpful while wearing gloves during those cold hunts. The flip cover protects your optics from the weather – for example in the event of a surprising rain or snow. The flip cover is installed by simply threading it into the filter thread of the scope’s objective. It is equally suited for right-handed as well as left-handed shooters. It can be operated reliably, quietly and quickly during the hunt. The field of view is not impaired by the flip cover.

Organizing a driven hunt made easy

Another helpful piece of equipment is the ZEISS Hunting App. It’s free, and is readily available on the App Store and Google Play for immediate download. It allows you to document and share your most valuable hunting moments. In addition to the hunting diary, other functions such as a ballistic calculator, weather forecast and the equipment tracker ensure a convenient organization, planning and documentation of your everyday hunting activities. In case you are organizing a driven hunt on your hunting grounds, prepare it even more easily using the app’s hunting grounds manager. Under the menu item “Hunting grounds”, territory boundaries can be drawn in on an interactive map, relevant locations such as mobile and permanent raised hides, game passes, feeding stations and game cameras can be marked. You can also create restricted areas to ensure the safety of the participating hunters. This app provides a huge advantage if you hunt in unfamiliar hunting grounds where you don’t necessarily know the local conditions.

Binoculars with a wide field of view

If you also like to carry a pair of binoculars with you, the compact and ultra-rugged ZEISS Conquest HD (8×32 / 10×32) are the ideal observation companion. With its wide field of view (140 m at 1000 m or 118 m at 1000 m) it offers an excellent overview even in difficult terrain. The lightweight (630 g) design and the robust body construction guarantee operational readiness under all conditions. Thanks to the large focusing wheel, the focusing mechanism enables easy access, optimal grip and precise focusing even when wearing gloves. On top of that, the ZEISS LotuTec® coating ensures an unrestricted clear view even in dreary, often foggy and wet autumn weather.

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