ZEISS continues to impress at CES 2019 – Day 4

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The fourth day of CES typically winds down significantly and has been referred to as exhibitor day since many exhibitors have time to finally visit one of 4,400 booths at CES 2019.

The ZEISS booth however continued to impress today as over 500 attendees and other exhibitors stopped by to hear our story of UVB4Blue and to learn about the gap in UV protection.

The ZEISS C-UV400 continued to dominate and be the most sought after tech in the wearables section as visitors wanted to discover if they had enough UV protection in their glasses. The team did find time to take their own selfie on the UV tablet including the use of our pirate glasses, which has one industry  standard lens and one ZEISS UVProtect lens. These clear lenses look like sunglasses to a UV camera when they provide full UV protection.

As our team met with other exhibitors they were very complimentary about our booth design, attendee engagement, and our story. ZEISS was even treated to a tribute by one app developer who displayed the ZEISS shield while demonstrating the power of the app.

CES 2019 is now in the books and ZEISS definitely had a great impact with consumers.


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