The first Thermal Imaging Camera from ZEISS

The new ZEISS DTI 3/35

The most exciting hunting moments often occur after sunset – when the shadows of the night offer game natural camouflage. ZEISS is launching a thermal imaging camera: The ZEISS DTI 3/35. It is especially developed for hunting and delivers extremely detailed images, allowing hunters to identify game reliably.

Hunting at night is all about intensive encounters with nature.

Outlines become blurred. Instincts are awakened, sounds and smells are perceived more clearly. Every crack, no matter how quiet, causes a rush of adrenaline. The tension builds. Many hunters are gripped by the thrill of the chase – especially when a wild boar comes into view. At the same time, accurately identifying game can be a challenge, as the distinguishing features specific to each species are not clearly visible in the dark. The boar piglets sometimes remain hidden in the vegetation.

The newly developed DTI 3/35 thermal imaging camera from ZEISS achieves the seemingly impossible: it sees details that remain hidden from the human eye. This makes hunting at night even more fascinating and simultaneously increases the chances of success. Whether for game observation and stalking or for faster and more accurate identification – the innovative technology gives hunters a considerable advantage in the forest and fields at night. Heat sources can also be reliably detected over long distances and large areas.

Available as of fall 2020.

Innovative ErgoControl Concept

Stalking at night requires a high level of concentration from the hunter. Where to place the next step in order to make as little noise as possible, without seeing the ground. Identifying the next tree or bush that is suitable to use as cover. It takes a lot of effort and concentration to do this right. The last thing a hunter needs, is an additional distraction caused by the equipment. For instance, pressing a wrong button on your thermal imaging camera can mean loosing the few seconds of opportunity and possibly missing the chance to be successful.

Therefore, the triangular button layout of the ZEISS DTI 3/35, combined with a distinctive button shape ensures intuitive operation of the device. No matter if you are in complete darkness or wearing gloves.

Maximize your Hunting Success

Expertise from decades spent perfecting hunting in the darkness and at night is now concentrated in the first thermal imaging camera. The ZEISS DTI 3/35 delivers unique hunting experiences and unforgettable moments, even under the most adverse lighting conditions. Its ergonomic design and the intelligent arrangement of the control buttons make the device exceptionally easy to handle and its operation extremely intuitive. The high-resolution HD LCOS display delivers detailed images – even in total darkness. Transfer data from the thermal imaging camera directly to a smartphone using WiFi and the ZEISS Hunting App. You can record your hunting experiences or view in a live stream. As a result, the device opens up a completely new world of hunting for the user!

The Specialist for Difficult Lighting Conditions

ZEISS has been making advancements in the world of optics for over 170 years and plays a pioneering role in many respects – including in hunting and especially when observing under difficult lighting conditions. For example, ZEISS was not only the first company to introduce a riflescope with adjustable magnification and attachable reticle illumination (1921), but also played a leading role in the development of an illuminated reticle suitable for twilight (1990).

The ZEISS Diavari was the first riflescope of its kind to feature LEDs that shine laterally into the glass reticle. The invention of anti-reflective coatings by Professor Smakula (1935). The introduction of the Victory Varipoint models with the groundbreaking illuminated red dot for day and night use (1998). The HT riflescopes and binoculars (2012) with a revolutionary 95% light transmission. These are just a few of the technological milestones ZEISS has achieved over its long history that revolutionized flexible observation by day and night.

With the Victory NV 5.6 x 62, ZEISS has succeeded in creating another impressive product. The latest image intensifier tubes use the minimal amount of light available to make the observed game appear 20,000 times brighter.

The new ZEISS DTI 3/35 Thermal Imaging Camera
Developed by fellow hunters.

The new ZEISS DTI 3/35 Thermal Imaging Camera

The high-quality thermal imaging technology delivers detailed images for extremely reliable game identification. Thanks to the innovative ErgoControl operating concept, the ZEISS DTI 3/35 fits perfectly in the hand – for intuitive operation, even in the dark or in cold weather. Developed by fellow hunters, the ZEISS DTI 3/35 is designed to maximize your hunting success – so you can handle the night.


More than 100,000 hunters around the globe already enjoy the benefits of the versatile functions of the ZEISS Hunting App. Always at hand in the field, the app enables hunters to document hunting events and experiences as they happen. The new browser version makes inputting data much more convenient and provides an additional platform for administration and documentation. Thanks to continuous synchronisation, all data input are available on all connected devices – in the app and in the browser.

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