Stable and Shot-Proof when used with ‘Clip-On’ Attachments.

The ZEISS Victory V8, ZEISS Victory HT, ZEISS Conquest V6, and ZEISS Conquest V4 riflescopes are all ideally suited for use with ‘clip-on’ attachments.*

The use of ‘Clip-On’ thermal attachments for hunting is currently a hot topic among sportsmen. Due to changes in current legislation in Germany and European countries, and the ever-increasing wild boar populations — in combination with African Swine Fever (ASF) — and in some cases massive financial burdens due to game damage, the proposed advantages of these accessories are currently the subject of much debate among hunters.  The use of these specialized optical add-on accessories in hunting is increasingly becoming more and more possible. But how do these devices affect the stability and overall performance of the riflescope? And are the riflescopes repeatable even with an attachment and adapter connected?

ZEISS knows that you can only create the perfect conditions with the right and compatible equipment. That is why the company thoroughly tested the suitability of ZEISS riflescopes for use with attachments in its own in-house laboratory. The results from these studies confirm that the complete assortment of ZEISS riflescope models is ideally suited for use with attachments.

Advantages of  ‘Clip-On’ Attachments – and Their Use in Tough Testing

With a standard ‘Clip-On’ attachment, any ZEISS riflescope can be adapted to be used as a night vision or thermal imaging device. For this purpose, the attachment is usually clipped onto the objective lens side of the riflescope in order to unlock the many applications of thermal imaging for the optics. Thermal imaging attachments locate heat sources directly through the optics, making all targets immediately visible as soon as they are identified – and not only at night, but also in fog and other adverse weather conditions.

The attachment is mounted using a ring adapter that surrounds the objective lens area of the riflescope’s main tube. ZEISS scopes offer the perfect combination of outside diameter and wall thickness for a very stable fit. Every ZEISS lens undergoes extensive testing in our in-house laboratory and in the field to ensure its durability and suitability for everyday use. These strict testing procedures performed in the laboratory, and validated in the field, have now been extended to include use with standard ‘Clip-On’ attachments.  This was accomplished in order to verify the suitability of the riflescopes’ materials as well as their flawless operation.

After all, depending on its weight and center of gravity, an attachment can affect a riflescope’s overall balance. The lack of a riflescope’s rigidity could lead to the zero point being shifted and the point of impact varying as a resulting of mounting an attachment. A hunter can only prevent this through using a suitable and tested riflescope platform.  ZEISS riflescopes offer such platforms.

Stable and Steady During Shots, Even With Heavy Attachments

ZEISS tests have shown that the mechanical axis of the lens remains perfectly stable, even when adding accessory attachments that weigh up to 2,000grams. In the lab, to prove this, tactile measurements were made at different measuring points on the riflescope body while using attachments of different weights.

Even if the attachment is once again removed, ZEISS riflescopes will maintain their original point of aim – as shown in the graph below under the value “500 Grams Repro”. The weight load on the lens side is reversible, meaning there is no risk of material fatigue. The fact that ZEISS has set the test criteria particularly high can be seen in the fact that attachments currently available on the market only weigh between 400 and 1,000 grams on average.

Since riflescopes are exposed to extreme recoil and vibration forces during firing, the ZEISS laboratory not only carried out mechanical tests on the possible deflection and rigidity of the riflescopes, but also placed considerable emphasis on the deviation from the target line by using attachments and adapters. During shock tests, the attachments mounted on riflescopes were subjected to continuous stress. This simulates whether the mounting will hold even under high load and whether the target line remains unchanged – even after many shots. The shooting stability of ZEISS riflescopes, in combination with attachments, was also tested and verified at the range, i.e. under real-world field conditions.

In summary, the ZEISS Victory V8, ZEISS Victory HT, ZEISS Conquest V6, and ZEISS Conquest V4 all demonstrated the expected and necessary degree of stiffness, as well as maximum reliability, in terms of shooting stability in the various test setups. The safety aspects of the product line were proven to be maintained throughout the entire testing phase. In short, ZEISS riflescopes deliver the repeatability required for ‘Clip-On’ accessory optics currently available on the market today!

“Irrespective of the applicable legal situation, we can guarantee that using an attachment with our riflescopes, if properly mounted, is perfectly safe and will not cause any damage to the riflescope whatsoever,” said Dr. Stefan Ballmann, responsible for Application and Testing at ZEISS Consumer Products. “Our tests have demonstrated the extremely high durability of our riflescopes, even in conjunction with commercially available attachments.”

Important Note!

Please verify whether the use of night vision and thermal imaging devices is permitted in your area. The applicable regulations vary considerably from region-to-region and country-to-country. Despite the fact that hunters in Germany, for example, will be allowed to use night vision attachments when the country’s amended Weapons Act comes into force, the respective hunting laws and regulations must still be observed.

All measurements were performed on ZEISS coordinate measuring machines (CMM). The picture shows a ZEISS UPMC 850 Carat. Tests were also made with ZEISS PRISMO ultra CMM. With a length measurement error of only 0.5+L/500 micrometers, ZEISS PRISMO ultra is ideal for tasks where maximum precision is required. Read more here.  

*The ZEISS Victory V8, ZEISS Victory HT, ZEISS Conquest V6, and ZEISS Conquest V4 riflescopes are all ideally suited for use with attachments. The use of properly mounted attachments does not affect the riflescopes’ warranty terms.

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