Long-Range Shooting

An Art in Itself

Long-range shooting is regarded as one of the most challenging forms of hunting. Besides outstanding shooting skills, the hunter has to consider many different aspects such as gravity, wind and velocity. Aiming accurately at very long distances and then making a sure shot in a wide open space is definitely an art in itself and requires an incredible amount of experience and skill.

If you as a passionate hunter are interested in long-range shooting, you have to become familiar with ballistics, the science of mechanics that deals with the flight of projectiles. There are two basic yet crucial factors that affect the bullet’s flight on a long shot: gravity and wind.

Of course, gravity plays an important role in every type of hunting, because it always causes the bullet to drop. However, concerning long-range shooting the hunter has to pay even more attention to this aspect. The longer a bullet takes to reach its target, the more time gravity will have to pull it down, which is why it influences a shot over a long distance more than a shot at a shorter range. Taking this into account, it is necessary to use equipment that can compensate this influence.

The next important aspect is the calculation of the wind, especially with regards to its strength, speed and direction. In simple words, your bullet will drift according to the wind, which is never constant all the way to the target. Furthermore, it depends strongly on the terrain and its structures. Are there a lot of trees? Hills? Only grassland? Every minor aspect has to be taken into account, because it can influence the path of your bullet and therefore your success. First, you have to determine the direction of the wind. A right to left wind will cause the bullet to drift to the left and slightly down, whereas a left to right wind will cause the opposite. What makes it even more difficult is that there can be different wind directions and speeds between you and your target, so you have to examine what the wind is doing at your position, near the target, and in between. Hunters who favour long-range shooting therefore must learn to “read” the wind and how to compensate its influences. The more time you spend studying the wind and its effects, the more successful you will be as a long-range hunter.

Recommended Equipment

Long-range shooting also requires reliable and functional equipment which the hunter can trust completely. For an extra-challenging hunt like this, the ZEISS premium products are excellent companions and will help you to achieve your goals.

The ZEISS VICTORY V8 4.8 – 35×60 riflescope, with its combination of a revolutionary super-zoom, brightest optics and easy handling sets new standards in the premium class and is the perfect choice for every long-range hunt. The premium model not only has a magnification of up to 35x and is therefore ideal for long-range shootings, it also comes with another great help: ASV long-range bullet drop compensation. Thanks to the directly readable shot distance, the bullet drop compensator is considered the most intuitive and thus the most precise long-range shot concept in the world.

But even the best equipment is useless if the hunter doesn’t know how to deal with it. Therefore, the most important aspects are – as always – the right preparation and extensive training. To develop your skills, you have to train under different weather conditions and from varios positions and distances. Furthermore, intensive training with the riflescope is necessary to get to know the capabilities and limitations of your equipment. Good long-range shooting skills are very helpful for every type of hunting. Imagine you have no way to get closer to your target and you have to take a long shot. Being able to shoot with confidence and accuracy at a long-range will only make you an even better shooter at shorter ranges.

In order to learn new techniques and to get familiar with the equipment, you might consider taking part in professional training sessions or courses. In the ZEISS Training Academy, for instance, experienced specialists provide practical training in the best way to use your high quality ZEISS products. You will learn about ballistics and the right use of the bullet drop compensation. Knowing about your own abilities as a skilled marksman and then making a confident and accurate shot will give you a great feeling!

In summary, with the right equipment and a great amount of practice, long-range shooting can be a great adventure and a once in a lifetime experience.

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