Varanger through the ZEISS 8×30 SFLs

SFL 30 Review by Axel Thorenfeldt It was almost dark when we landed in Kirkenes in northern Norway on 2nd April 2023. From there, a smaller propeller plane took us across the Varanger fjord to the city Vadsø, where Agnes and I were going to stay for some time. I had been offered the opportunity

6 min

Pallid swifts identification with the ZEISS DTI 3

Jim’s attempt at his “Big Year” and how the new technology of the ZEISS DTI 3/25 thermal imaging camera became his trusted companion.

4 min

Overview of Common European Waders – Part 2

Waders belong to the group of shorebirds and include a variety of species and genera. This article gives you an overview on a few of them who seem to look very similar at a first glance.

3 min

Identification of Curlews

If you see a large shorebird with a surprisingly long, downwardly curved bill, it is almost certainly a curlew, a group of birds distinguished by their bills. Male and female curlews are similar in size, but the female’s bill is longer. Ornithologists debate whether the genus Numenius comprises eight or nine species. All curlews breed

1 min

Working To Increase Nature Conservation and Species Protection with the Jordsand Association

Jordsand is committed to the protection of migratory and seabirds and their habitats. ZEISS supports this in joint cooperation.

2 min

The first bird race ever

The DDA Birdrace 2021 on World Migratory Bird Day set some new records and excited many people to take part in their first Birdrace.

5 min

When Eagle Eyes Aren’t Enough

ZEISS Binoculars ans Spotting Scopes for the NABU Federsee Nature Conservation Center – an active contribution to the protection of plants and animal species.

2 min

The art of enjoying birds without filter

An interview with the Spanish birdwatcher José Luis Copete: He gives us insights in his life as an ornithologist and how to enjoy nature observation the most.

10 min

The Dark Art Of Vismigging – Part Two

Visible Migration (Vismig) is literally the kind of bird migration that can be seen and enjoyed at first hand.

4 min

The Dark Art Of Vismigging – Part One

Bird migration is a universally accessible, constantly changing wonder of nature and a fascinating phenomenon.

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