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Kinematic Simulation for Beginners

Production sites in high-wage countries demand highly automated and flexible production systems to remain competitive. In most cases, developing software for production systems requires using physical components under real conditions.

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ISO 25010 is changing soon

The important standard for ZEISS Digital Innovation with regard to the quality characteristics of software is being revised after more than ten years.

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Criteria catalogue for the best possible choice of test automation tools

This article is about the list of criteria for tools in test automation, the criteria catalogue, how it was validated and the results of this validation.

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Selecting test automation tools – criteria and methods

Determining which criteria are relevant when selecting a test automation tool is the basic requirement in the development of a criteria catalogue

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Video tutorial: How teams use the QA Navigation Board

The QA Navigation Board [] enables teams to make targeted and efficient decisions for every software project with regard to aspects of quality assurance, their order of priority and their implementation. We have created a short video tutorial to explain how it works.

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Security and compliance in software projects – getting dependencies under control

This blog post addresses the high standards of security and compliance that we have to meet in every software project. Trained security engineers are responsible for ensuring that we achieve this within any given project. An especially persistent challenge they face is dealing with the countless dependencies present in software projects, and getting them – and their variety of versions – under control.

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Application Security Tools: Use for Static Application Security Testing & Software Composition Analysis

Im Bereich der Application Security gibt es verschiedene Konzepte, um das Ziel zu erreichen, zuverlässige und sichere Software zu entwickeln. In diesem Beitrag werden das Static Application Security Testing (SAST) und die Software Composition Analysis (SCA) als wichtige Bestandteile der Application Security vorgestellt. Zur Umsetzung dieser Konzepte und Erhöhung der Application Security können entsprechende Tools eingesetzt werden.

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Evaluate with matrices – The perfect decision matrix

A not inconsiderable part of the work of a software architect consists of comparing different solution alternatives with each other. Decision tables or evaluation matrices are often used for this purpose, whereby both terms are usually used synonymously. This article aims to provide an insight into two basic approaches and to evaluate them according to their suitability.

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