Hunting ground management during off-season

What you love, you cherish

For many hunters, the winter months in the hunting grounds are particularly exciting. The hunting highlights undoubtedly include the boar stalking on snowy nights and the bait hunt for foxes during mating season. During this time red foxes can be attracted using a mouse or rabbit fox call. Hunting foxes will mainly benefit to species such as pheasant and hare. A low predator density has been shown to have a positive effect on the small game population.

Of course, this alone is not enough, which is why the focus in spring should also be on the careful planning and creation of wild fields and green areas – which later in the year serve as grazing and breeding grounds – as a contribution to nature conservation.

In March and April, hunting plays a rather secondary role. Only scare kills should be carried out on sows that are harmed in the field. Regardless of this, there is a lot to do for the committed hunter. Highseats may need to be repaired or modernized, stalking trails laid out for the coming season, salt licks re-stocked, food stalls supplied and game cameras installed. With the beginning of the vegetation period, the “spring cleaning of the wallows” is also due. It makes sense to dedicate a tree against which game can rub up against – sows in particular, but also deer, are happy to take up this “wellness offer”.

The off-season is also ideal for carrying out various conservation measures. This does not necessarily have to be a costly large-scale project such as the creation of field wood islands, orchards or the creation of a new wetland biotope. Smaller measures are also valuable and effective. Simply plan a day and clear the area of rubbish, build nesting aids for birds or bat boxes. These activities are the perfect to introduce nature to children or grandchildren.

In the small game area, counting the rabbits in spring and autumn should be a standard task. With the help of a thermal imaging camera it is now relatively easy to get an overview of the rabbit population. This time of the year also offers a good opportunity to confirm the bucks in the area, identify them and to sketch the antlers in the hunting guide.

With all the tasks and duties associated with hunting, one should always bear in mind what a great gift it is to feel the heartbeat of nature, to be able to experience the change of the seasons so directly, and to provide something meaningful and sustainable for the domestic game population – in short to be a hunter.