Hunting during the winter season

The choice of clothing is important

If you want to hunt in winter on high seats, you have to be prepared for all weather conditions. Biting cold, harsh wind and rain is often the case. If you want to face the winter weather, you should be well prepared. Especially with good clothing. Here are the best tips for staying warm during hunting season in winter.

Use several layers

Hunting at constantly low temperatures in winter is tough. One principle in particular has proven its worth: the technique, where you use several layers of clothes to keep yourself warm! In German there is a word for that technique – “Zwiebeltechnik”. The word “Zwiebel” means onion and is based on the different layers of an onion. So hunters put different layers of clothing on top of each other to keep warm.

Anyone who has ever had to endure long periods of cold weather knows that it makes more sense to wear several layers of thin clothing than several layers of thicker clothing. Here’s how it works: an air cushion forms between the layers as additional insulation. The different garments also make the hunters very flexible and allow them to adapt to weather fluctuations.

However, the principle only works if the different layers are coordinated. It starts with the underwear. It is the most important layer in the “onion technique”. If you sweat quickly, you should wear functional underwear as it transports moisture away from the skin. This will help keep you warm.

As a second layer, it is recommended to wear another layer of functional underwear. As a third layer a fleece shirt is recommended. The next layer is also made of fleece. A jacket with a tight-fitting collar is the best choice here.


Small extras that support insulation and store body heat are also important. Pants with a button-on back warmer are especially recommended. In the course of a high seat hunt of several hours this will quickly show its advantages. It prevents the cold from creeping up your back while you are sitting. At the same time, it ensures that the body heat cannot escape.

Do not forget headgear

If you don’t want to freeze, you should pay special attention to a good head covering. It has been proven that people emit a large amount of their body heat through the head. So-called chapeau caps made of rabbit and lambskin have proved particularly useful. Particularly suitable here are the models from Fjällräven with a moisture-repellent coating. For support for the face, a classic balaclava can be used.

Warm feet are essential

Warm feet are especially important when hunters stay in one place for long periods of time. When choosing boots, pay special attention to the lining. Important: The boots should not be too tight, even with two pairs of socks on the feet, and should offer enough flexibility. This keeps the feet warm and yet free to move.

Also very important is the choice of the right gloves. Especially during a high seat hunt, you need be able to shoot quickly if necessary. However, the gloves should not be too thin, since cold and stiff fingers can be rather dangerous when handling weapons.

Experienced raised hide hunters therefore like to use a combination of thin finger gloves and thick mittens with flaps. The outside of the gloves should be coated with a water-repellent material to also withstand snow.

Useful cold-weather gadgets

If all the layers of clothing are still not warm enough for you, you have to resort to gadgets. Your hunting dealer will have various tools in his range, which supply you with additional warmth during a night out on the high seat.

Popular with hunter are hand warmers which produce heat due to a chemical reaction. The disadvantage: Although the chemical compounds react and produce heat quickly – once in use, however, the hand warmers lose their heating effect after just under an hour. Many hunters also rely on clothing with integrated heat batteries in vests, for example. The important thing here is to make sure that the batteries last for a long time. Because in the event of a failure, you run the risk of getting cold and freezing quickly.

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