Enhanced vision in the darkness

The Abbe-Koenig Prism

The early morning and late evening are usually rush hour at the hunting ground. The game gets on its feet. Bright binoculars are the most important tool for hunting in twilight or in darkness. If maximum image brightness is what you are looking for, the Abbe-Koenig prism is the best choice. Why? This system makes it possible to reverse the image without any loss of light, as the surfaces do not need to be mirrored. The result is a uniformly bright, high-resolution image that really shows off its strengths in adverse lighting conditions.

Extremely high light transmission and image brightness

The history of roof prisms goes back to the Italian Giovanni Battista Amici around 1843. As the name “roof” suggests, the path of the beam passing through the Amici prism has a shape that resembles the roof of a house. Before the turn of the century, the physicist Ernst Abbe modified the Amici prism into a straight roof prism. Around 1900, Albert König completed development by separating the two prisms with an air gap – a milestone in the history of optics development. This improved straight prism system is known as the Abbe-Koenig prism and was protected by ZEISS’ trademark from July 7, 1901 onward. Beginning in 1911, the ZEISS factory in Jena produced the first straight binoculars with Abbe-Koenig roof prisms.

Unsurpassed hunting experiences even as daylight begins to fade

Roof prism binoculars have numerous advantages. On the one hand, they offer extremely high light transmission, which makes them ideal for twilight and night hunting because of longer observation times and more accurate identification.

ZEISS Victory HT series

The ZEISS Victory HT series is a prime example of outstanding optical performance. They are particularly robust and withstand even adverse weather conditions. Internal focusing makes them dustproof and waterproof. Thanks to the rubber or plastic coating, they are easy to grip and offer excellent shock absorption. Most of the housings are made of high-strength magnesium and are therefore lightweight, which makes many hours of fatigue-free observation possible. Compared to the wider Porro binoculars, roof prism binoculars are characterized by a slim, aesthetic design. And thanks to their compact and lightweight design, they are also very practical and easy to transport.

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