ZEISS Victory SF 42

Whether it is for spotting or observing birds, when it comes to identifying individual species nature viewers have every reason to rely on the Victory® SF 42 by ZEISS. That’s because the large field of view (148 m to 1,000 meters) guarantees that you see as much as possible.


In addition to the new classic black armoring, the latest generation of ZEISS Victory SF binoculars is particularly impressive on account of the optimized center drive. The SmartFocus concept enables razor-sharp images at varying distances.

On longer expeditions, the handy size of the binoculars, which weigh in at less than 800 grams, and the ErgoBalance concept means you can use them for hours on end without getting tired and to your heart’s content.

Alongside their robust design, the binoculars are impressive with their exceptional technical specifications. Even in deep twilight and in poor light, the Victory SF with its transmission of 92 percent visualizes nature in all its splendor – complete with exceptional edge-to-edge definition and rich colors.

It’s not just birdwatchers who can appreciate these practical benefits, but in fact all those who feel at one with nature, either personally or professionally.

In bird- and nature-watching, the Victory SF has set a new standard in the 125-year development of ZEISS binoculars.

IT ALL COMES DOWN TO ERGONOMICS. The ZEISS Victory SF 8x42 demonstrates its strength in particular during continuous observation. This is where the intelligent ergonomic design comes into its own: in order to take as much strain off the arm muscles as possible, the optical design was used to shift the center of gravity toward the eyepiece. Your index finger will automatically shift to the focusing wheel – and there’s no need to splay your fingers when making adjustments.

  1. Faster
    First-rate focusing

    • Focusing is quicker and easier at varying distances: the SMART FOCUS concept with optimized center drive
    • Precise operations with a natural movement: optimally positioned, easy-to-grip focusing wheel.
    • Optimized eyecaps with 4 click stops.
  2. More ergonomic
    Maximum observation

    • Housing in a new, timeless black rubber armoring.
    • Hours of observation without getting tired – weighs in at less than 800 grams thanks to a lightweight magnesium housing.
    • Innovative ErgoBalance concept with center of gravity near the eyepiece and lightweight lens system.
  3. More comfortable
    Perfect protection

    • Outstanding workmanship and the latest materials.
    • Soft armoring with exceptional shock absorption.
  4. Goes further
    Unparalleled field of view

    • Better overview for greater success thanks to unparalleled wide fields of view and exceptional edge-to-edge definition: ZEISS Field Flattener technology.
    • Close Focus: Close focus to 1,5m for those who enjoy butterfly and dragonfly observation at close distances.
  5. Brighter
    Unique visual experience

    • Natural color rendition and brilliant details: ultra-fluoride lens system.
    • Bright, high-contrast images for long observations even in twilight: impressive 92% transmission.
    • LotuTec Hydrophobic coatings shed rain and water easily from the lenses ensuring continued clear images, even in moderate rainfall.
  6. More robust
    Exceptional durability

    • Stable, ergonomic design: triple-link bridge.
    • Made in Germany.