The ZEISS SFL: The new lightness of being

Peter Rass was chairman of BirdLife Austria in Carinthia and a renowned member of the Austrian Avifaunistic Commission for many years. He is also a well-known wildlife photographer in Austria  ( and very demanding about his optics. He recently bought the new SFL and you can find his feedback below:

“In more than 45 years of birdwatching I have developed very selective demands on my binoculars. So this year it was time again to look around for a new pair of binoculars that should be significantly lighter than my current 10×50 but also equipped with a 10x magnification and, in the best case, a front lens with a diameter of over 32 mm. With the new ZEISS 10×40 SFL, I came across a pair of binoculars in my search that aroused my interest due to its specifications. In the meantime, I have owned the 10×40 SFL for 3 months and have not regretted the purchase for a moment. On the contrary, with the weight of the 10×40 SFL I have experienced the “lightness of being” on long birdwatching tours. Visually and ergonomically, the 10×40 SFL convinced me from the very first moment, the weight of the glass is very well balanced and therefore allows long, almost blur-free observation. What I particularly like about the 10×40 SFL, apart from the weight, is the ergonomics and precision of the focusing wheel, which, due to its size and ease of movement, allows perfect focusing even with thick gloves (tested in dry training). Last but not least, I would like to mention the excellent optical quality in combination with the very good twilight performance, although when I bought the 10×40 SFL I unquestioningly took these features for granted in a pair of ZEISS binoculars.”

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