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The molecular birdwatcher from birds’ paradise

Liviu Parau is a passionate birder and this is impressively reflected in his professional career as a molecular ornithologist. In his research, he deals with special behaviors of different bird species and their origin.

The Romanian scientist has discovered fascinating insights, such as the willingness for cooperation of some bird species by supporting other breeding pairs or new knowledge about population genetics.


By Aki Aintila

Imagine thousands of raptors literally swarming, continuously gliding, in one gigantic stream. The stream reaches from just overhead to many kilometers to the north, almost as far as your naked eye can see. When you raise your optics to your eyes, you see even more birds joining in.

Other birders surround you, all gazing at the masses of birds in pure awe. The soundscape is dominated by the almost-neurotic clicks of pocket clickers as volunteer counters keep track of the numbers as the birds pass by.