Ambassadors answer: Debby Doodeman

As part of our 175th anniversary we also interviewed some of our ambassadors. Debby Doodeman from FOGOL in the Netherlands is one of them:

Debby, what does ZEISS mean to you?

Binoculars open a view to a different world, where you are able to forget what is around you. ZEISS products are the perfect tool for me to discover birds and mammals and most important they really support me in identifying different species and distinguishing them, because I am able to see the details.

What is your favorite product and why?

My SF32 binoculars are in daily use, I feel naked without them. I love the lightweight design and the premium quality. With these, I don’t miss any details! And I just started using the new ZEISS DTI thermal imaging camera, which is a new kind of birding, and opens a whole new world of wildlife watching. You ‘see’ the bird before your eyes can see it,and it is such a great tool for birding during nocturnal migration.

Where is your favorite birding location?

The world. You are able to see new behavior and different species wherever you are . This makes birding such a great hobby you can easily just start anywhere and everywhere . I like to discover interesting bird species close to home, such as the Black Woodpecker that flew over our garden during lockdown.
One of my other favorite locations in the Netherlands is the Wadden island of Vlieland, a fantastic place to witness bird migration. Also a new island called Marker Wadden where I do my excursions. You are able to see lots of pioneer species such as Little Tern and Bearded Reedling there.

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