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Building up stylus systems are no easy task. Aline Baumeister, Product Manager at ZEISS Industrial Metrology, gives you tips on how to virtually build and test the stylus system.

4. Eliminating error sources in the assembly of stylus systems

The frequent changing of parts for measurement repeatedly presents measurement engineers with the task of selecting or creating the right styli and systems for the pending measurement tasks and then checking them for the real results on the coordinate measuring machine. In light of the large number of available styli, this is not only laborious but also very time-consuming. Measurement engineers can quickly be sure that their stylus systems will fulfil the measurement tasks as specified if they virtually assemble and test their systems e.g. with the ZEISS Stylus System Creator software, perhaps by uploading their created stylus systems to ZEISS Calypso Planner. As a result, they can easily simulate whether the systems measure the specifications as required with no collisions on the CAD model of the workpiece without blocking valuable machine capacities. Since the software also documents all the user's virtually created stylus systems, they can be adapted in no time at all or simply reordered. If are they ordered completely mounted, the last uncertainty can be eliminated.

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