Careful Storage for Better Results

Measuring know-how

To ensure your accessories last longer, you should use them with the utmost care. Read the fifth post in our tip series to find out what to bear in mind with sensitive stylus systems.

5. Safe storage for long-lasting stylus systems

Switching stylus systems is all part of a measuring technician’s day-to-day work. Once the stylus system is removed from the changer rack, it has to be kept somewhere safe. Sometimes, the system is stored in any old drawer until it’s needed for the next measurement. However, this can actually damage the sensitive styli. If not stored carefully, stylus tips can break off or collect dust. Even a fine layer of dirt can mean incorrect measuring results. Stylus systems can be kept clean and safe in a specially designed storage unit like the Multi Sensor Cabinet. Its multiple storage sections mean you can keep your stylus systems in order and safe from dirt and damage – ultimately making them last longer. Tools, cleaning agents and other accessories can also be stored in the freely configurable cabinet. There’s another benefit: entire stylus systems can be stored here, shortening set-up time.

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