Health Solutions

Can agile software development work in a regulated environment? A focus on medical devices and diagnostic industry.

How can agile methods be used in the development of medical software in regulated environments? Discover proven approaches from the field that enable you to be flexible yet compliant with regulatory requirements to develop high-quality medical software.

Health Solutions
5 min

A New AI Approach to Modelling Uncertain Knowledge in Medicine

How can AI-based systems compensate for the deficiencies of human reasoning when dealing with statistical or incomplete data is of interest? This is particularly relevant in areas where wrong decisions have far-reaching consequences, such as medicine.

Health Solutions,General
6 min

Patient care of the future – Digital Health Solutions with Azure Health Data Services

Not only since the beginning of the Covid pandemic has the healthcare sector been facing a various challenges. Here, digitalisation and the use of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence or machine learning offer numerous opportunities and potentials for increasing efficiency, reducing errors and thus improving patient treatment.

Health Solutions,Cloud
4 min

UI-Dev Session (Part 2) – Experience report from everyday project life

The UI dev session has become a tried and tested tool in our projects. In this blog post, I report on our experiences with it – away from theory, towards practice.

6 min