Let’s play it safe

Measuring know-how

The first article of our tip series explained how to monitor the temperature of your measuring room in real time. This time, Aline Baumeister reveals how to achieve correct and safe measuring results, even if your workpieces change frequently.

2. Calibration artifacts provide certainty

As long as companies always measure the same parts, experienced measurement engineers can relatively easily assess whether their coordinate measuring machine is still measuring reliably on the basis of past measurement results. However, if the workpieces change frequently, these comparison values are not available. In this case, metrology professionals who do not wish to or cannot place blind trust in their measuring machine for quality reasons must obtain the requisite certainty. Calibration artifacts help to monitor the accuracy of measuring machines closely and continuously, especially if critical components are measured. They thereby create the basis for correct and reliable measurement results in a production landscape in which batch sizes are constantly becoming smaller.


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    This is on a Zeiss O-Inspect 543.
    Two areas, finding edges and reduce refection issues.

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