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The moment when state of the art optics achieve versatility in any situation. This is the moment we work for!

The VICTORY V8 riflescope’s introduction in 2014 raised the bar worldwide in the premium class of riflescopes. Some of the features of the V8 have never been incorporated within hunting scopes before. We at ZEISS are proud to say that the VICTORY V8 is not only the brightest superzoom-riflescope but also the best scope in the 165-year-long history of ZEISS!

Two words mark the VICTORY V8: flexibility and versatility. It is a true all-rounder! Whether you want to use this riflescope for the driven hunt, stalking, standing hunting or long-range shooting, you will always find the V8 as the best choice. With its combination of super-zoom, brightest optics, reticle adjustment ranges and easy handling, the V8 is designed to guarantee your best hunting success.

The VICTORY V8 comes in two varied telescopic sights: 1.8–14×50 and 2.8–20×56. While the first is a truly versatile riflescope, the latter is the premium model. The premium model has a magnification of up to 20x and is therefore ideal for long-range shooting. The high zoom ratio with parallax compensation is the biggest zoom range currently on the market.

The super-zoom of the riflescope is perfected through its light transmission of 92 percent. This level of light transmission had not existed in super-zoom riflescopes before, but ZEISS has made it possible. As such, the VICTORY V8 riflescope gives you the extra minutes for hunting at dawn and dusk that you have been awaiting for a long time. The transmission of 92 percent along with FL lenses and SCHOTT HT glass allow the V8 to produce the clearest and brightest images possible in a superzoom-scope. Moreover, the V8 has an extremely wide-angle field of view that produces outstanding optical performance. Image brilliance and high contrast are the marks of this riflescope!

Although the V8 has a large zoom range, its length is merely 35 centimetres. This makes it shorter than many other super-zoom scopes currently on the market. What is new about the V8 is its 36-millimetre centre tube. It is the first hunting scope with such a diameter. The idea behind the introduction of a centre tube with 36 millimetres was that a true super-zoom scope (that allows for long-range shots) needs an expanded adjustment range in the elevation. Increasing the diameter of the centre tube ensured this.

ZEISS-VICTORY-V8-ASV_und_In order for you to aim accurately at long distances, the V8 uses the ASV LongRange bullet drop compensation. The ASV is intuitive in handling as there is a clear read-out of the shooting distance. We gave it a larger adjusting range of 100 clicks, so that it is possible to maintain the aim even at very long distances. Because of this feature, the V8 is perfectly suited for hunters who favour long-range shooting.

Both models of the V8 feature the Reticle 60, which is very light and looks finer than the similar Reticle 40. With such a reticle, precision shooting is made easy, as you only have minimum coverage of the target game. Moreover, the reticle is equipped with a very small illuminated dot, which is the brightest on the market. Because of that you can also use the dot during daytime hunting. At night-time the dot might appear too bright, which is why you are able to finely adjust its brightness.

ZEISS-VICTORY-V8-FUNKTIONSKNOPFAt ZEISS we emphasise functionality and easy operation as well as design when creating our optics. The innovative optical concept of the V8 is reflected in its design. The riflescope’s special optical configuration made a short, compact and elegant construction possible. This design is constructed in such a way that it allows simple, fast and silent operation of the riflescope. With its perfect ergonomics, the illumination system of the V8 can be handled easily. The system is activated with the multi-function knob that sits right on the ocular. Thus, adjustments to the illumination can be made intuitively and smoothly. Additionally, the V8 has a dirt-repellent LotuTec coating, making the riflescope non-sensitive to water and dirt.

Put your trust in the only true all-rounder! No matter what hunting situation you find yourself in: The VICTORY V8 riflescope always guarantees absolute precision and versatility when living your #passionforhunting.

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  1. Scott

    There's no mention of the V8 line using T* multi coatings. It's not marked on the scope either. Does it use another, possibly inferior, coating process?

  2. Charles

    The VICTORY V8 comes in two varied telescopic sights: 1.8–14×50 and 2.8–20×56 is my favourite on the whole.The article is really useful for those who are inexperienced in questions of hunting binoculars,rangefinders just like me. I've just found a site which can give you a vivid idea about best riflescope with Parallax Adjustment,eye relief,reticle etc.


  3. roderick formosa

    I love everything about it functional and simple without going onto a tactical scope.There's only 1 issue for me with the reticle. You have to make a hit on your first shot with this scope as you cannot read a miss off the reticle with it. For those that may want to hold a windage correction, it's not quite an accurate hold. If you have at least 2 hash marks 1/2 mil to the left and right of the aiming mark, it would make longer shots more doable and being able to read a miss off the reticle. I dial all my windage corrections so holding off is not as essential, but reading a miss off the reticle and following up quickly for a second shot helps.
    keep up the good work and development.
    rod @rifletalks

  4. José Rodríguez

    Más bien una consulta: La VICTORY V8 4.8–35x60, viene con retícula mildot y en el Primer Plano Focal (FFP)?

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