Fourth stop, 31st October 2014


On the hunt

We are still in the amazing and “typical British” town Stow-on-the-wald and after everyone got the maximum amount of five hours sleep we are ready to hunt some more…

Although we were all pretty tired, you could feel that the excitement of experiencing more of the amazing hunting days and thorough product testing here in UK just killed off all the tiredness. And we got the reward: amazing sun rises, beautiful nature and many different species could be observed (with our brand new Victory SF). Hunting is also about enjoying nature in its purity and with the ZEISS products we felt closer to nature than ever before. It is quite a contrast when you get on a huge and extraordinary bus afterwards.

On our way back to Bedfordshire everybody took a long nap. After we woke up again we found ourselves back in Beckerings Park – with beautiful sunshine and up to 20 degrees. After we took a short break on the lawn in front of the housing, we went out again. Some muntjacs made fun of us – showing up and hiding again within seconds. But the equipment lived up its promise. We experienced a successful hunt although conditions were pretty rough. After this challenging but yet successful day, the hunters could enjoy a perfect English breakfast at “The French Horn” – a typical English pub, is well known for their #passionforfood!


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