Third stop, 30th October 2014



The day began very early. Everybody got up at 5 o’clock in the morning. In complete darkness we left to different spots on the hunting grounds in Bedfordshire. Some of the hunters were going to hunt from the high seat, some were going to stalk – no problem for the equipment, which is made for low light conditions as well. What counted now was the knowledge and experience of the hunters. We went over wide fields and through thick forests. In the end hunters and guides were proud to say that everyone sticked to ethical hunting rules – thanks to the precision of the whole equipment, perfect hunting conditions and really experienced hunters.


After we ended the morning hunt in Bedfordshire our Variety Tour bus left for the next hunting grounds – Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. Our mobile home parked right on the market place of the beautiful town Stow-on-the-wald – right in the middle of both hunting grounds. Pedestrians passing by looked at the bus full of curiosity and were told the story behind our trip – you could see the excitement in their eyes. If we have had more space in there, we probably would have had a few more passengers on board. Again we experienced an exciting outing – this time we stalked through forests with wide open spots but without any hunting luck..

We hope, the tide will change again.

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