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Join ZEISS ambassador David Carsten Pedersen on a mountain hunt in New Zealand.

Some hunts are supposed to be hard. Hunting thar in the mountains of New Zealand’s South Island is definitely on that list. As one of the few places in the world, it’s possible for foreign hunters to hunt on public land without a guide.

Obtaining a firearms license and a hunting permit is easy and can be applied for online at the department of conservation’s home page, or at a local police station or DOC office. Join ZEISS ambassador David Carsten Pedersen on this challenge.


ZEISS Pro stalker & Head of the ZEISS Centre of Excellence

Having started life as a Gamekeeper I have always loved the countryside, and hunting has always been in my blood. However, it wasn’t until I started deer stalking that I realised where my true passion lied.

Since the very first time I stalked a deer I was hooked. Not just the hunting side of things, but the deer themselves, their habits, the way they moved. It fascinated me how they could just disappear without a trace in front of my very eyes!


Driven Hunt

Longrange Shooting

Moments made by ZEISS

If you ask experienced hunters what their favourite type of hunting is, some of them will surely answer that it's the driven hunt. In this exciting form of hunting you work together with others in a group, supported by beaters and dogs. You have to be constantly on alert as you are an important part of the team. Because of this, taking part in an organised drive can be one of the most exciting ways to hunt.

For a successful hunt, you need the right equipment. The ZEISS VICTORY V8 1.1–8x30, the latest addition to the Victory V8 line of premium riflescopes, is considered the most versatile driven hunt riflescope in the entire ZEISS product line. It enables fast and reliable targeting with both eyes open and allows you to fire accurate shots over long distances, as well as quick shots at short distances.

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