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Long-range shooting is regarded as one of the most challenging forms of hunting. Besides outstanding shooting skills, the hunter has to consider many different aspects such as gravity, wind and velocity. Aiming accurately at very long distances and then making a sure shot in a wide open space is definitely an art in itself and requires an incredible amount of experience and skill.

If you as a passionate hunter are interested in long-range shooting, you have to become familiar with ballistics, the science of mechanics that deals with the flight of projectiles. There are two basic yet crucial factors that affect the bullet's flight on a long shot: gravity and wind.

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Second stop, 29th October 2014


We started this day at the legendary shooting ranges at Bisley – the very cradle of competition shooting, dating back more than 140 years. The challenge today was shooting at the traditional 1,100 yard range (App. 1000 meters) with the new standard of hunting scopes – the impressive ZEISS VICTORY V8 2.5-20×56 scope…

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First stop, 28th October 2014


Did you hear about the toughest product test ever?
To underline the versatility of our products, ZEISS together with Sauer, Hornady and Diana Hunting Tours as well as 10 international journalists decided to put the equipment through its paces. What that means? The testing team visits different hunting locations in UK, where very various hunting situations will be experienced and we will prove: Everything is possible with just one set of equipment.

This international team is pretesting the upcoming VICTORY SF binoculars and using ZEISS VICTORY V8 riflescope in 1,8-14x50 or 2,8-20x56. What happens on this exciting trip and if we will keep the promise we make: Find it our here, on the ZEISS hunting blog!
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