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David Carsten Pedersen about raising his hunting dog "Mille"

There is a saying in the Danish hunting community: “No hunter is complete without a dog”. We rely on our dogs for flushing and picking up birds. For tracking game and chasing it on driven hunts. Our hunting traditions and way of life would simply not be possible without our dogs.

They are as much a part of our hunting fraternity as our friends and families. I grew up with dogs. And from a young age I learned, that mans best friend is indeed a black lab on a cold day, when the birds in the water and the sun has gone down.


Hunting Worldwide

On the hunt

Since ancient times, hounds have been faithful partners and have provided great help for hunters. The many different kinds of hunting dogs have been bred as a result of the changing requirements of man.

Their tasks vary from fox hunting to deer hunting and from coon hunting to bird hunting, while some hounds have been bred specifically to work in water and some to work on land.

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