The CONQUEST HD, a member of the ZEISS family of products, is an ideal partner for hunters, especially when observing from great distances. The new HD lens system of the binoculars makes it possible to display optimal image quality and colour fidelity. They offer an extra wide field of view and the LotuTec® coating provides clear visibility at all times. All the time? And what about the housing? Is it really as robust as it promises? Can it protect the inner workings and ensure the long-term precision of the HD lens system? To verify the promised qualities of the CONQUEST HD binoculars, we subjected the product to an endurance test and put it through seven typical hunting accidents.

Trial one: The fall off the car roof

The CONQUEST HD is placed on the roof of an ATV, which accelerates until the binoculars fall off. They land on the forest floor and tumble over for a couple of times. After checking the CONQUEST HD, we conclude: There is nothing recognizable over than dirt and a very few little scratches. Its functionality remains unaffected. Well done, CONQUEST HD!

Trial two: Run over

SONY DSCThe binoculars are put on wet, solid ground. An off-road vehicle with the weight of around two and a half tons drives over them. The CONQUEST HD goes under the tyres twice. It is neither warped nor is the housing broken. The adjusting rings work properly. Thanks to the high quality aluminium, the lenses remain unhurt, while after cleaning, the sights are crystal clear. Good job, CONQUEST HD!



Trial three: The fall off the high seat

To imitate realistic circumstances the CONQUEST HD is taken to a high seat and dropped from a height of three and a half metres. It hits several rods and finally lands on leafed ground. The binoculars are still fully functional. Bravo, CONQUEST HD!


Trial four: Taken in tow

SONY DSCThe CONQUEST HD is dragged by a rope tied to the tow bar of an ATV for over a mile. The ATV accelerates up to 60 kilometres per hour. The binoculars are flung through the air and bounce off the ground. The outer parts of the CONQUEST HD are wounded quite badly and the sling swivel is lost, but the inner systems still remain properly functional. Unfortunately we can’t give the CONQUEST HD full marks because of the lost sling swivel: Good!



 Trial five: Used as a chew bone

A dog gets to chew on the CONQUEST HD, which was rubbed with salami. For 13 minutes it chews as hard as it can. The fangs leave visible marks on the binoculars, but none of the bites went through the extremely robust rubber housing. The pressure marks disappear within a short time. Everything works fine. Nice going, CONQUEST HD!

IMG_7817Trial six: Floating under water

The binoculars are held under ice-cold water for three minutes. After rescue follows the check-up. There is no sign of any penetration of water. The sealing rings work as they should. Because the HD glasses are filled with nitrogen, the view is impeccable. Very good, CONQUEST HD!

 Trial seven: Under fire

The CONQUEST HD is placed on a three stub. From a distance of 25 meters it is fired at with a lead shot (calibre: 2.7 millimetres). The shot becomes stuck in the rubber armouring. The high-quality materials of the rubber armouring have paid off: the binoculars have no inner damages. Nicely done, CONQUEST HD!

SONY DSCThe extreme trials have shown the ZEISS CONQUEST HD is the perfect companion in the field. It does deliver what it promises. The binoculars are extremely robust and made of high-quality materials. They are ready for use in any situation and under any conditions.

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  1. Deep Rana

    Zeiss Conquest 10x42 T ABK -what do the words T ABK mean,is the binocular body alluminium,does the body have rubber armour?

  2. Jerry Reilley

    Just received 10x42 HD - work great but I can not get the protective lens cover to work. It does not snap on and when placed on there is a lot of slop. I think I may have received the cover for the 10x32 in the packaging.

  3. Brien Woodson

    I have had a problem with some lesser quality binoculars having the objective lenses covered with condensation on a morning where the temperature started out about 34 deg. F, and when I attempted to use them at about 40 deg. F. It was very humid. Does the Lotutec coating prevent this from occuring?
    Thanx! Brien


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