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If you ask experienced hunters what their favourite type of hunting is, some of them will surely answer that it’s the driven hunt. In this exciting form of hunting you work together with others in a group, supported by beaters and dogs. You have to be constantly on alert as you are an important part of the team. Because of this, taking part in an organised drive can be one of the most exciting ways to hunt.

_X2C1550For a successful hunt, you need the right equipment. The ZEISS VICTORY V8 1.1–8×30, the latest addition to the Victory V8 line of premium riflescopes, is considered the most versatile driven hunt riflescope in the entire ZEISS product line. It enables fast and reliable targeting with both eyes open and allows you to fire accurate shots over long distances, as well as quick shots at short distances.

In practical tests, the V8 impresses all along the line. Flexibility and speed are the keywords: the 8x magnification plus the 10 mm exit pupil ensure extremely fast aiming whilst the high level of light transmission provides bright, high-contrast images. Moreover, the unusually large field of view enables the hunter to keep the surrounding area in view at all times – a very important issue in the driven hunt, because minimising the danger to beaters and fellow huntsmen is crucial.

_X2C1524ZEISS hunter Jan Hüffmeier was asked to test the V8 before its market introduction. He was very impressed by the versatility, flexibility and accuracy of the small riflescope. Although it is not very common to shoot from a distance of 200 metres or more in a driven hunt, it was very tempting for him to experience the high precision of the V8 over a long distance first-hand. When zeroing at the shooting range, every shot hit the intended target. Jan started with a distance of 100 metres. The very first shot was a hit. As he proceeded with a series of five shots from a distance of 200 metres, he was carried away with enthusiasm. “A dispersion of 3.9 centimetres from this distance is more than satisfactory. Great! I want more!” So he increased his distance to 300 metres. Even at such a long distance, which is very rare for a drive, the dispersion remained very small. “A dispersion of only six centimetres – smaller than a beer coaster. That’s brilliant!” Thus the VICTORY V8 1.1–8×30 passed the long distance test faultlessly. But the primary function of the driven hunt specialist is the rapid target acquisition and the quick shooting of fast-moving game. So to thoroughly test the riflescope, our product tester took part in a driven hunt under real conditions.

_X2C1301The drive started early in the morning. At the very beginning, as the news quickly spread that the new V8 was going to be tested on the hunt, everybody tried to catch a first glimpse of it. The small riflescope impresses immediately with its compact size and easy handling. The whole drive itself ran smoothly so that Jan had time to take a close look at the riflescope and its features. In a driven hunt the situation can change within a few seconds and you have to be prepared for everything. From one moment to the next, a boar followed by five shoats appeared in Jan’s field of view. Jan felt the adrenaline running through his body. You need speed and precision if you are to take your chances. Thanks to the extremely wide field of view and the world’s finest and brightest illuminated dot, at the end of the day our product tester could name two shoats “his own”. The VICTORY V8 1.1–8×30 could definitely preserve and confirm its reputation as the most versatile riflescope from ZEISS and a true all-rounder! #ZEISSmatters #passionforhunting

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