Expanding the horizon at the edge of Europe.

Vesterålen, Norway
With the changing winds, rain and steep terrain the uninhabited Norwegian islands are one of the most challenging hunting grounds.

Under the guidance of the Norwegian long-range specialist Thomas Haugland, a small team of highly skilled shooters tested the limits of what is possible on the uninhabited island group of Vesterålen. Changing winds, rain, steep terrain, and distances of 500 to 800 meters challenged the hunters. In the backpack: a Blaser R8 with ZEISS VICTORY V8 4.8–35×60 and sufficient .338 Lapua Magnum ammunition. Even under these extreme conditions, the bullet drop compensation (BDC) – ASV by ZEISS showed its precision and practicability.

Bullet drop compensation (BDC) – ASV. Precision goes a long way.
For most hunters, shooting at ranges over 150 meters are an exception. The BDC helps master the ballistic and professional challenge in long-range shooting situations with confidence. Those who want to consistently and accurately shoot game at long distances need to practice and perfectly match their rifle, ammunition and riflescope together. ZEISS has designed and developed the bullet drop compensation for this very purpose, to ensure a perfectly placed shot.

Long-range shooting on the edge of Europe

Ulf Lindroth and Thomas Haugland test the limits of possibility with the ZEISS VICTORY V8 at the Arctic Circle.

Using BDC by example of ASV+

Using the BDC of ASV+, ASV LongRange or ASV Competition one first needs to choose the proper pre-engraved ballistic ring to match the caliber and ammunition. To do so simply download the free ballistic program from the ZEISS website which includes instructions on to how to calibrate properly at 100 meters.: Ballistic Calculator

Example ASV+

In the next step, you dial the turret to the corresponding distance on the ballistic metal ring, 2 for 200 meters, 3 for 300 meters and so on.

Example ASV+

Once the distance has been chosen you simply aim at the spot and squeeze the trigger.

Shot on target

You never need to hold-over again to compensate for projectile drop over the additional distance.

Ensure a professional shot on target
The idea is to enable accurate aiming at any distance and with every projectile by being able to quickly adjust the riflescope when on target. You only need to know the distance to the target, then you can use the range references on the elevation turret to adjust for the projectile drop even over long distances. ZEISS scopes equipped with ASV+, ASV LongRange and ASV Competition come with nine pre-engraved ballistic rings. Calculating, click counting or holding over are no longer needed to ensure a perfectly placed shot on target – at any distance.