ZEISS Event for young hunters in Wetzlar

Optics city Wetzlar is one of the most important germ cells of the company ZEISS. Since the beginning of the 20th century ZEISS produces and sells optical products like rifle scopes in Wetzlar.

Four winners attended an event for newly qualified hunters from 4 to 7 September 2017 in the optics city of Wetzlar and at the ZEISS hunting ground, run in collaboration with the publisher Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag and hunting weapon manufacturer Merkel Jagd- und Sportwaffen.

It was with eager anticipation that I headed to the training academy at Carl Zeiss Sports Optics GmbH in Wetzlar in early September. We were welcomed very warmly by Johannes Fürst and Klaus Felgenhauer.


After a brief round of introductions and a discussion about what would happen over the next few days, we were given a tour of the Zeiss factory where we saw just how much goes into manufacturing precision optics.

In the afternoon we had our first opportunity to try out the Merkel Helix with the new Conquest V6 at the nearby shooting range. I was overwhelmed by the weapon’s balance and how compliant it is to use.



The "Graf zu Solms’ hunting territory" is a historical hunting ground near Wetzlar.

Once we’d got to know our weapons, we dived straight into the supreme discipline – the 300 m range. It was time to ruthlessly demonstrate to our high and mighty male companions just how superior we ladies are at target shooting…

In the evening, Head Forester Krato introduced us to Graf zu Solms’ hunting territory, which we were to hunt.

The first night was a short one. The hunters had to gather at five in the morning. Equipped with a Merkel Helix, a Conquest V6 and a Victory SF, I took up my position. Sadly, the morning’s first raised hide was not crowned with any hunting successes.

The Victory SF in hands the young hunters head for the historical hunting grounds.

I kept a great overview with both eyes open, meaning I could capture my target quickly. It made snap shooting really fun.

Alina Tecklenborg

Later on we were able to exhibit our shooting skills at the indoor range in Münchholzhausen. The Merkel Helix was our companion once again and proved the perfect weapon for this discipline of shooting. I was especially impressed by the speed at which you can reload the rifle with a bit of practice. The straight-pull system also offers the enormous advantage that nothing gets in your face when reloading in shooting position.

Zeiss’ driven hunt sights are great to handle, too. I kept a great overview with both eyes open, meaning I could spot my target quickly. It made snap shooting really fun. As on the other days, we got a new site for the evening’s raised hide. This time Diana was with us and each of our two “boys” were able to bag a hind calf. Good hunting!

Together with the other participants, Alina screens the hunting ground.

We headed to the hunting ground again at five the next morning. This time our cameraman came with me, but unfortunately I didn’t have anything to show for that morning either. After breakfast, wild boar expert Max Götzfried initiated us into the mysteries of successful stalking. Because stalking was entirely uncharted territory for me, I was especially keen to find out what it involves. One thing’s for sure: stalking is genuinely exhausting! At the same time, the seminar was extremely interesting and educational. We spent our final evening back on a raised hide.

The Hunting Experience was concluded on the fourth day with a butchering course with master butcher Daniel Seller, near Laubach. He used the pieces we’d bagged over the past days to show us how to professionally butcher a roe and a red deer – it was a very clear and informative course in which we were allowed to get stuck in and learn some skills ourselves.

All in all I can say that I enjoyed four fantastic days in the beautiful countryside of Hessen and I would like to thank everyone involved once again for running the event. I made some new hunting friends and had so much fun.

‘Horrido’ and happy hunting,