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We all know the predicament. Venison is a healthy protein because it is very lean and therefore can dry out when cooking. A great solution is to cover the meat in salt dough. The dough will protect the leg from drying out while cooking.

The result is a perfectly cooked, juicy and delicious piece of meat. It’s probably different from how you’re use to cooking, but it’s easy and doesn’t take that much time either.


ZEISS Pro stalker & Head of the ZEISS Centre of Excellence

Having started life as a Gamekeeper I have always loved the countryside, and hunting has always been in my blood. However, it wasn’t until I started deer stalking that I realised where my true passion lied.

Since the very first time I stalked a deer I was hooked. Not just the hunting side of things, but the deer themselves, their habits, the way they moved. It fascinated me how they could just disappear without a trace in front of my very eyes!


Helping you choose the right hunting optic

Weight, durability, ergonomics, price: the factors that come into play when you are deciding which hunting optic to buy are as many and varied as the products themselves.
And this makes it all the more important that you ask

yourself the right questions before investing in a high-quality optics product. Below we have summarised the most important things you should consider when deciding what to go for.