Mountain Hunting

Helping you choose the right hunting optic

Weight, durability, ergonomics, price: the factors that come into play when you are deciding which hunting optic to buy are as many and varied as the products themselves.
And this makes it all the more important that you ask

yourself the right questions before investing in a high-quality optics product. Below we have summarised the most important things you should consider when deciding what to go for.


Behind the scenes of the latest ZEISS Hunting film production – by Daniela Holzer

Unreal – that is the best word to describe this barren landscape. Large fields with tufts of grass rising from the boggy ground alternate with rough, broken rock and ice-covered stones that make climbing a real test of courage. Within minutes, clouds are rising from the valley and obscuring the view with a light grey mist that looks like a soft filter. Just as quickly, the sky tears apart and drenches the valley in an unreal light.

The Defereggen Valley in Austria is full of sights and atmospheric light moods in late September. The spectacular scenery here provides the perfect backdrop for a film production by ZEISS Hunting, which will soon showcase innovations.


Alpine hunting in New Zealand.

In New Zealand there still exist mythical landscapes and breath-taking flora and fauna and let’s not forget it also has the Alps. Our small hunting lodge overlooks the Rangitata River which winds towards the Pacific. The hut is old and

not a lodge put up for tourists. The walls are covered in old pictures, trophy bucks on the wall and on the table a few faded hunting magazines.