New Zealand

Join ZEISS ambassador David Carsten Pedersen on a mountain hunt in New Zealand.

Some hunts are supposed to be hard. Hunting thar in the mountains of New Zealand’s South Island is definitely on that list. As one of the few places in the world, it’s possible for foreign hunters to hunt on public land without a guide.

Obtaining a firearms license and a hunting permit is easy and can be applied for online at the department of conservation’s home page, or at a local police station or DOC office. Join ZEISS ambassador David Carsten Pedersen on this challenge.


Alpine hunting in New Zealand.

In New Zealand there still exist mythical landscapes and breath-taking flora and fauna and let’s not forget it also has the Alps. Our small hunting lodge overlooks the Rangitata River which winds towards the Pacific. The hut is old and

not a lodge put up for tourists. The walls are covered in old pictures, trophy bucks on the wall and on the table a few faded hunting magazines.