Hunting Gear

Helping you choose the right hunting optic

Weight, durability, ergonomics, price: the factors that come into play when you are deciding which hunting optic to buy are as many and varied as the products themselves.
And this makes it all the more important that you ask

yourself the right questions before investing in a high-quality optics product. Below we have summarised the most important things you should consider when deciding what to go for.


Bock hunting with the Victory SF – a report by Anna Lena Kaufmann

In May, nature appears at its best. Throughout the day different sound interweave into a many-voiced orchestra in an almost magical way - and without a conductor. In the morning, the blackbird's singing presents the overture.

Later on, the call of the cuckoo joins in and bees happily buzz their melodies. In the evenings you can hear the crickets chirping and the grass swishing.


The passionate hunter Thomas Nohl turned his passion into a profession and at the same time brought a family tradition into the fourth generation.

His parents – a cutler and a goldsmith – believed that the art of making knives no longer had a future. Although the mother‘s side of the Nohls had been cutlers in Gießen for

more than 150 years. So Thomas Nohl completed his training as a retail salesman after graduating in order to be able to continue the family business at least.