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Barn swallows - these astonishing birds can be found on every continent on earth except Antarctica. Like all swallows, barn swallows are particularly well suited to a life spent on the wing. They rest, eat and drink in flight and only set foot on solid ground at night. Their sleek, streamlined bodies offer very little wind resistance and their relatively long, narrow pinion feathers give them optimum lift through the air. Given how little time these birds spend on the ground, it is no wonder that their legs have become quite useless. These limbs are tiny, and can only be detected in flight through the use of top quality optics as they are well hidden in the plumage.

However, the long tail of this type of swallow is perfectly designed to enable it to carry out fast, agile manoeuvres and to capture its prey of choice - insects! The short, stubby beak gives little indication of its true skill: it is the perfect insect catcher, being exceptionally broad and able to open very wide indeed.