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Waiting for Spring? This would be indeed a pity.

True, birdwatching in winter is just for hardened nature and bird lovers. While we freeze on the northern hemisphere and only the resident birds like robin, blackcap, blackbird, thrush, tit, starling or Golcrest stay, most bird species are in Africa, Latin America or in South East Asia. It is tempting to just follow them or directly travel to the north to watch Gyrfalcons or Whiskered Auklet in Alaska, a Snow Goose or a Tow-barred Crossbill on Iceland or a Ross’ Gull and a Siberian Rubythroat in Siberia.

Unfortunately, we do not travel as climate-friendly and cost neutral like migrating birds. So, we have to put two layers of outdoor clothing on, take our optics around our neck, the spotting scope on the back and then set out for the next lake or woods. Everywhere in the northern world there are many interesting species to find with enough patience, which we only in winter get in front of our optics.