ZEISS and the "International Birding and Research Center" in Eilat

Birds are fabulous and we birders know it very well. They are beautiful, painted gray and white or with a rainbow of colors, matched together through centuries of evolution. They are amazingly capable of migrating immense distances or surviving the harshest habitats. They are irrationally optimist, leaving their homes for the first time to an unknown destination, through challenge and danger with determination no man has.

For many of us, birding is therapeutic. Connecting us to something we need to be attached to – our surroundings, nature and ourselves, even if it makes no practical sense sometimes. It’s our secret garden, where our running minds are turned off and love and compassion grows. This is probably why we are so eager to protect it – it’s precious.

Birds are funny, cute and diverse, and keep surprising us where ever we watch.

Our job at Eilat’s birds’ sanctuary is to protect the birds at the bottle-neck of their flyway, where Steppe Eagles alongside with Willow Warblers use the only land bridge connecting Eurasia with Africa, and where they can safely stop-over and feed following the challenging crossing of the foodless Sahara desert.

We maintain habitats and study the bird’s needs during their migration, advocate and make environmental campaigns, educate and create a birds loving community who supports us now and when the day comes. Our secret tool is the key to the secret garden.

Thank you ZEISS team – you made a difference!

We can tell the bird’s epic stories of migration or describe their wisdom and beauty but that won’t get you in. When the ZEISS team offered their support to the International Birding and Research Center in Eilat, we were thrilled to get the fantastic Victory SF for our guides and the Conquest Gavia spotting scopes for our monitoring team. But what we really wanted were the ZEISS Terra binoculars. Relatively cheap but of great quality, it makes for the first time the difference between a tale and reality – they are wowed.

For me, ZEISS Terra is the key to share the secret garden.

When I hand them to the visitors at the bird sanctuary I know, they are changed. They will never forget the bright sight of a hovering Pied Kingfisher or the deep blue face of the Little Green Bee-eater. “Did you notice the beautiful green eyes of a Cormorant?” they ask, and I know, what you see is what you love, and what you admire is what you will fight to protect.

Noam Weiss

Noam Weiss is the director of the IBRCE in Eilat. He is responsible for maintaining and improving the habitats of the bird sanctuary and for replenishing the food stocks for the migratory birds in Eilat and the southern Arava valley. He also raises awareness and runs seminars to encourage people to protect the birds and help out the birders.