Introducing the New ZEISS Victory Harpia Spotting Scope

From 11 through 13 September, ZEISS Sports Optics invited visitors to come to the city of Hamburg and check out the new ZEISS Victory Harpia spotting scope that will be available starting in January 2018. Invited guests not only got to attend the product demo, but also heard from the Dachverband Deutscher Avifaunisten (DDA), an umbrella organization for bird lovers, and took a boat ride to the Carl Zeiss Bird Station in the Wedel Marsh run by the NABU Hamburg, an environmental protection group.

There, participants had the opportunity to try out the new spotting scope, with its revolutionary optical system featuring a three-stage wide-angle zoom, in real-world conditions.

A chalkboard at the entrance to the Carl Zeiss Bird Station headed by Marco Sommerfeld informs visitors which birds they might see in the Wedel Marsh currently.

Around 85,000 birds spotted in the Wedel Marsh have been logged at – the perfect source of information for learning about what is happening right now in the local bird population.

In order to provide birders with more up-to-date information with cutting-edge technology, the Head of the DDA, Bernd Hälterlein, presented Marco Sommerfeld with two signs during the ZEISS event. Each sign features a QR code. These QR codes are also supported by the cooperation between the DDA and ZEISS Sports Optics and enable bird watchers to get information on recent sightings from the internet portal

The process is very straightforward: the birder just takes their smartphone and scans the QR code using the phone’s built-in camera. Visitors to the Wedel Marsh can now use their smartphones to check out the latest sightings.

The participants at the ZEISS product demo were informed either by the QR code or directly that, nestled among the European golden plover brooding in the marsh, there were also a few Pacific golden plovers which are seldom seen in Germany. The ZEISS Victory Harpia spotting scope, with up to 70x magnification, was the ideal tool to help visitors spot and observe this particular plover. As part of a pilot project, 22 QR codes have already been installed in observation areas in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park. These enable visitors to access the latest data from fellow birders at

Soon these codes will also be available in many other parks in Germany so that bird lovers throughout the country can learn about recent sightings. Different regions, national park organizations and ornithological societies have already expressed interest in these QR codes.

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