The fight against the illegal killing

The persecution of birds of prey in Great Britain has unfortunately long been a major problem in nature and species conservation, with Buzzard, Hen Harrier and Golden Eagle particularly affected.

In his article, Lee Thickett reports on the background of raptor persecution in the UK and the effects within wildlife. Lee also shows some ways to solve these challenges in the future.


As with different instruments in music, it takes practice to identify each individual sound.

For untrained ears, a springtime dawn chorus of birds can sound like musical chaos, difficult to distinguish between different bird calls.

It can be much easier to memorize bird species’ appearances rather than their songs. This article will give you a great overview on the subject.


It is fun watching birds with others.

Birding usually requires us to be quiet to avoid disturbing the birds, so they won’t fly off. Urban birds, however, are accustomed to some noise.

Nature conservation organizations usually offer programs or clubs for children and youth, and offer options for organized activities in addition to bird watching, such as saving frogs, environmental education and conservation, and work days to maintain natural areas.


It is about the details

Nature proves everyday why a second glance is worth it and why fast judgement is out of place. What seems to be inconspicuous at first sight, might be very impressive.

Often it is about an extraordinary species that you do not discover so often as it camouflages very well or behaves rather covert.


Leading Lines

Bird migration is everywhere, making it a universally accessible, constantly changing wonder of nature – and if you’re lucky enough to live on a coastal flyway at the edge of a continental landmass (well, it was more about planning and sacrifice than luck), then the possibilities for a migration junkie like myself are almost endless.

Better still, when you position yourself at the axis of various topographical, geographical and coastal features, there are different ‘subgenres’ of bird migration that open up to you – meaning that during the right season, there are different choices, depending on prevailing wind and weather conditions.



Bird migration is an endlessly fascinating phenomenon that taps into a variety of our basic impulses and desires. There's the sensual, animalistic connection it nurtures and strengthens with the cyclical changing of seasons, and the subtle sub-seasons within them;

the odd but very human urge to install order and a sense of control over the relative chaos, by meticulously counting and recording each and every bird - getting our 'ducks in a row' (often literally).


Birdwatching in the stony deserts of southern Israel

The desert of Israel with its vast landscapes initially seems very barren and empty, but if you learn to understand it and follow its rules, all of its diversity is revealed. Bird watchers especially get their money's worth.

They will encounter many unusual and mysterious animal species. They can observe that each bird species follows its own rituals. Noam Weiss gives us an insight into a very special habitat for birds.