Great Britain

John Horton, Warden of Alderney Bird Observatory (ABO)

The ringing of wild birds is a very important research method for ornithologists to obtain valuable information on migration, behavior and life of specific birds.

John Horton tells us impressively about his work on the British Channel Islands and a project with ZEISS that has fundamentally improved the ringing system.


Interview with Simon King

In UK Simon King stands for passionate nature documentaries and his commitment for wildlife. Simon King, known for presenting Springwatch and Big Cat Diary and his camerawork on flagship BBC programmes such as Planet Earth, will be on hand to share his in-depth experience of the natural world. His enthusiasm for the animal kingdom is clear the moment you start talking to him, even after so many years in the television business.

He recently returned a large area of land close to his home to its natural state in order to observe badgers, foxes, otters and numerous bird species living in their natural, wild habitat. We met up with him to find out more about his passion for nature.