Connecting Information Across Dimensions With the New ZEISS ZEN Connect Imaging Software

Experience seamless data handling, simplified workflows and enriched insights into your samples


ZEISS ZEN Connect is especially useful for, but not limited to, structural analysis, examination of cellular processes, localization of cells, and much more. The proven ZEISS ZEN software combines numerous functions for day-to-day work with microscopes and stands for scientific success. The ZEISS ZEN Connect module enhances research by introducing three new features.

Intuitive data management, simplified sample workflows, and unlimited navigation

ZEISS ZEN Connect ensures that you can focus on the data rather than on the acquisition method. You initiate a workflow with any microscope, analyze a full sample on a large scale, and identify the specific areas of interest with the automatic overlay and relocation algorithm. Moreover, it uniquely enables you to analyze data in a wider context connecting large field of view images with the highest resolution details. You benefit from project based data storage and effortless image labeling which enables better control over the data structure in complex experiment set-ups.

ZEISS ZEN Connect user interface
ZEISS ZEN Connect offers intuitive data management, simplified sample workflows, and unlimited navigation

ZEISS ZEN Connect is available for the company’s full range of optical, confocal, X-ray, electron, and ion microscopes. It is especially recommended for correlation of ZEISS LSM 800 and ZEISS GeminiSEM; but also compatible with most light and electron microscopes from ZEISS.

ZEISS ZEN Connect is offered on a 60-day free trial basis. Existing customers may use it in conjunction with their ZEISS ZEN Blue or ZEISS SmartSEM 6.2 or higher software, while new users may freely download ZEISS ZEN Lite in order to test the software’s capabilities. Furthermore, the third party image feature can be acquired separately.

Download ZEISS ZEN Connect on a 60-day free trial basis

Download ZEISS ZEN Lite

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