ZEISS MultiSEM wins Microscopy Today Innovation Award

Award was presented to ZEISS at the Microscopy&Microanalysis meeting in Portland


ZEISS MultiSEM 505 has been selected by a team of judges from Microscopy Today magazine as a recipient of the 2015 Microscopy Today Innovation Award. The world’s fastest scanning electron microscope (SEM) is regarded as a significant high-technology product that advances microscopy in several areas and makes new scientific investigations possible.


Microscopy Today Innovation Award for ZEISS MultiSEM 505
Microscopy Today Innovation Award for ZEISS MultiSEM 505

As the first multiple-beam SEM in the world, the system uses 61 beams simultaneously, and offers an unrivaled capture speed of up to 1220 megapixels per second with an image resolution of four nanometer. Thus large areas can now be imaged more quickly and acquisition times are reduced from years to weeks. This high acquisition speed has already been used for imaging neural tissue in brain research where it is now possible to capture a detailed image from a larger specimen area than before.


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Innovations receiving this award are selected for their importance and usefulness to the microscopy community. These innovations provide better, faster, or entirely new methods of analysis using a type of microscope or microanalytical instrument and will make microscopy and microanalysis more powerful, more flexible, more productive, and easier to accomplish.


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