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Following expansion and renovation, the ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center Tokyo reopened in April 2018. Around 45 customers from industry and academia attended the grand ceremony. Dr. Kaoru Sato from JFE Techno-Research Corporation, one of Japan’s most well versed experts in electron microscopy, expressed his future expectations for ZEISS in a speech. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, ZEISS offered tours of the center.

From left to right: Stefan Sacre, Head of ZEISS Japan; Kirk Czymmek, Head of ZEISS Microscopy Customer Centers; Manfred Bender, Head of Global Sales; Dr. Kaoru Sato, JFE Techno-Research Corporation, and Kenny Patterson, Head of Sales Asia-Pacific

The ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center in Tokyo shares space with the ZEISS Microscopy headquarters in Japan. With a team of highly skilled specialists and a portfolio that includes light, electron, and X-ray microscopes, it serves industrial and academic customers. Activities include demos, sample runs, training, and user workshops to support the specific needs of the Japanese market.

ZEISS User Meeting Tokyo
After the ceremony, the ZEISS Nanotechnology User Group Meeting was held on the 22nd floor of a new building near Tokyo station. Around 80 customers attended the meeting. Presentations, both by the users and ZEISS experts, provided insights into the latest ZEISS technologies and their application.

“I think that the ZEISS strategy to offer multi-scale solutions is truly wonderful,” one attendee said.

ZEISS User Meeting social gathering
The meeting was closed with a social gathering to further strengthening the relationship between the attendees and ZEISS.

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    can you give me information on purchasing a primotech microscope. Does it do oil immersion, dark field and phase contrast as well as light microscopy?

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